CONCHO – Last Monday, Oct. 21, residents in a Concho neighborhood discovered 6 to 10 dead dogs in a storage container on a residential property located off of County Road N5373 off of the State Route 61 east.

The discovery was made by at least three different neighbors who became concerned because barking had ceased at an area property from which they normally heard multiple dogs barking.

The person who contacted the Independent prefers to remain anonymous but says she and her neighbors are familiar with the tenant living on the property and have contacted the Apache County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) before regarding issues at the property.

Prior to Monday’s incident, the resident claims they called ACSO in regards to a dog on the property that was “emaciated” and “did not make it.”

“We are a tight-knit group here; we keep an eye on each other because we all live off-grid here in the Concho area,” says the neighbor. “We all keep an eye on things for the owner because she is elderly and lives out of state.”

“This past weekend the neighborhood became concerned because we didn’t hear the dogs barking like usual,” says the resident. “The place seemed like it had been ransacked and it appeared no one was living there any longer.”

“We could smell something dead so we entered the gate and then opened the storage containers.”

They say there are five large Connex shipping containers on the property, two of which contained the bodies of six to 10 dead dogs in various states of decomposition.

“The dogs appeared to have ropes or chains on them and they look like they were left in the containers with the doors shut,” she says.

There was also a goat roaming the property. “He was panting and didn’t have any food or water that we could see so we brought over a bucket or water and some alfalfa.”

The brand inspector came and got the goat but they don’t know where he was taken, reported the witness.

ACSO Commander Shane Bevington responded to the Independent by email on Friday, stating that the case report “has not yet been completed.” He said additional information should be available later this week.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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Surely someone was suppose to be in charge of those conexes with the deceased dogs. They should find them and put them in the conex.


Who ever did this abomination should go to jail for a very long time, and no food or water either.. he/she can drink their urine and eat feces... BAD HUMANS!!!


Why doesn't someone expose her. We all know who it is.


So please enlighten us if you know the subhuman that did this.


I know who, but it won’t let me post my moms name


This is utterly disgusting! The person/people responsible for this awful treatment of helpless dogs should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

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