Electric car charging station

Pictured is an example of an Electrify America electric vehicle charging station. It is very similar to what the state-of-the-art, ultra fast charging stations will look like when installed in Globe, Payson, Prescott, Sedona and Show Low.

SHOW LOW — An electric car charging station is coming to Show Low through a program called Take Charge AZ. It is a collaborative project between by Arizona Public Service (APS), Arizona’s largest electric utility, and Electrify Commercial/Electrify America.

Clean energy and decarbonization as the backbone of project and it further supports Arizona Public Service Company (APS) with its Take Charge AZ investment in electric vehicle (EV) fast charging.

“The goal behind our project is to increase access to charging stations in the Arizona, allowing electric vehicle drivers to be able to travel longer distances and hopefully encourage more drivers to go electric,” said APS Communications Consultant in Media Relations, Yessica Del Rincon.

APS is partnering with Electrify America on the initiative to bring charging stations to Globe, Payson, Prescott, Sedona and Show Low.

Electrify America, according to the Jan. 28 press release “is the nation’s largest open DC fast charging network, and holds the distinction of receiving Charged EV Magazine’s ‘2020 Best in Test’ award for it’s charging infrastructure.”

APS and Electrify America/Electrify Commercial will install four individual chargers at all five Arizona sites mentioned above. The end result will be a total of 20 ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles.

The charging stations are part of a larger, nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers.

“We are encouraging drivers to explore their options with EV’s if they haven’t’ thought about it before,” said Del Rincon.

The press release also stated that Electrify America is the only CCS network in the U.S. that deploys exclusively 150kW and 350kW chargers, said to offer the “fastest charging speed in the market”.

The charging stations in all five Arizona locations will be owned by APS and come with Electrify America’s network of more than 535 charging stations and 2,300 ultra-fast chargers that are considered state-of-the-art.

Customers that use the charging stations will be able to pay by credit or debit card. They will also sign up to use the Electrify America mobile app which allows drivers to locate a station, initiate a charge and remotely monitor a charging session for a seamless experience from start to finish.

Electric vehicle drivers will need to physically connect their vehicle to the charging plug in order to power up. The Electrify America app allows drivers to find their nearest charging station, initiate a charge (once the vehicle is plugged in), and monitor a charge session to see when the vehicle is powered up completely. DC fast charging technology will also enable drivers to charge up their vehicles to 85% within 10-15 minutes.

“With ultra-fast chargers coming to the communities of Show Low, Globe, Payson, Prescott and Sedona, more electric vehicle drivers will now have the chance to extend their travel and have a more reliable experience as they explore what Arizona has to offer,” said Kerri Carnes, Manager of Customer to Grid Solutions at APS. “Charging stations will be installed near retail and tourist locations, providing convenient charging options for electric vehicle owners to choose from on their road trips.”

The hope is that additional EV car charging stations will also promote tourism in areas across Arizona that are considered tourist and vacation destinations.

Project timeline

Construction on the project has not started just yet, but is slated to begin later this year. The project team is currently scouting sites near retail and tourist locations that would best fit the needs of electric vehicle drivers. They are currently in the site selection stage for phase 2 of the Take Charge AZ project.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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What is the source of the power for the chargers? Coal-fired plant, wind, solar, nuclear? People need to know so that they can determine if it is truly clean power


I would like to know about how these are powered as well. If you ask one of the electric car operators they answer it comes from the outlet.


As owner and operator of Palo Verde Generating Station, the nation’s largest producer of carbon-free electricity, and with one of the country’s most substantial renewable energy portfolios, APS’s current energy mix is 50% clean

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