APACHE COUNTY — The Apache County Sheriff’s Office is working with the US Marshall’s Office and the FBI to catch two dangerous fugitives.

Blane and Susan Barksdale are wanted in connection with the murder of 72-year-old Tucson resident, Frank Bligh, who was killed April 16 in Tucson.

Law enforcement is trying to locate and apprehend Blane and Susan, ages 56 and 59 respectively, who escaped while being transported from Henrietta, N.Y. to Pima County here in Arizona in connection with Bligh’s murder.

Apache County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Brannon Eagar said there is no evidence the Barksdales are in the local area.

Tucson Police PIO Francisco Magos said the Barksdale’s overpowered two security guards while in Blanding, Utah, managing to escape.

“Blane has numerous tattoos on his arms and hands. The Barksdales’ direction of travel is currently unknown. Investigators have information that they are possibly traveling through Arizona. They were last seen driving a red GMC Sierra pickup truck (license plate AZ: 127XTY) with damage to the front passenger side and rear bumper. Blane and Susan Barksdale are believed to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached,” a press release from Magos stated.

He said if anyone thinks they see either Blane or Susan Barksdale, or have information about where they may be, they should call 911 or 88-CRIME (27463) immediately.

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