On October 6, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, working in conjunction with the Navajo Nation Police Department and Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations helped execute outstanding tribal arrest warrants in Sawmill. The executed warrants are for failure to appear, on various charges.

In addition, the FBI, Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations and Apache County Sheriff’s Office are saturating the area to proactively pursue investigative leads and gather additional information in connection with the murders of Matthew and Philip Reagan whose bodies were found on March 21, in Sawmill, on the Navajo Nation.

“We are confident someone knows who is responsible for the murders of Matthew and Philip Reagan.” said Sean Kaul, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Phoenix Field Office. “The FBI and our law enforcement partners have logged many hours of investigative work on this case. The FBI does not forget. No matter how much time has passed, we will continue to aggressively pursue this investigation. We are dedicated to protecting all of our communities and to pursuing justice for Matthew and Philip Reagan, their family, and friends.”

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murders.

Anyone with information about the murders is asked to call:

• FBI Phoenix: 623-466-1999 or email: tips.fbi.gov

• Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations in Window Rock, Arizona: 928-871-7519

• Apache County Sheriff’s Office: 1-800-352-1850

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