Flag Day

Fishers of Men for Veterans report three flags were stolen from the Flag Day display in Show Low.

SHOW LOW — Fishers of Men for Veterans display American flags on various patriotic holidays throughout the year, the latest display counted 190 American flags proudly flying June 14 on Flag Day across from the Victorian in Show Low. But the group’s leader who asked not to be named told the Independent that three of the Stars and Stripes were stolen that day.

In a heartbreaking phone call, the leader wept as she explained how much the flags mean to her group and to those the group serves. “That’s our freedom,” she said. The group began posting small flags on September 11, 2001 and over the years, raised enough money to buy large ones. The September 11 display last year bore a significance not readily observable: 219 American flags in that display represented an Arizona veteran who perished in the wars after September 11, including the 13 service members who came from local communities here.

She plans to file a police report which she said would ensure the next display would get extra attention by the police. The flags cost $13 each and the leader said that the group would be glad to give a flag to anyone who wants one, that stealing them is not the answer.

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What kind of scum robs a patriotic display?! I hope they were kids whose parents busted their rear-ends.


Ashamed of those in our community who would help themselves to flags from this display. Thank you to Fishers of men for these wonderful tributes to our country snd those men and women who serve and have served our country! Please post information on how to contact your organization. I would like to make a donation to cover the cost of those flags and perhaps to add more! Blessings for all you do!

Sheryl berentz


People are turning into straight garbage anymore. How shameful.


Too bad they didn't steal the Stop the Steal flags at the trump store instead. Those are the shameful flags intended to divide us even more.

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