FT. APACHE — Executive Order No. 07202001

The Office of the Chairwoman hereby implements the following restrictions, pursuant to authority vested in the Chairwoman of the White Mountain Apache Tribe by Section 5.3 (B) of the Government Code and the Constitution of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

The Chairwoman of the White Mountain Apache Tribe (“Tribe”), by signing this Executive Order, hereby imposes restrictions on public travel to and within areas of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation (“Reservation”). The reason for imposing this Executive Order is that a threat currently exists to the Tribe’s natural resources, timber, wildlife, economic resources, security, health, welfare, and public safety. It is the intent of this Executive Order to reduce the likelihood of human-caused ignition of wildfires on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

The White Mountain Apache Tribe appreciates your cooperation in protecting the White Mountain Apache lands.


The Fort Apache Indian Reservation’s dry forest conditions and high temperatures have caused an ongoing extreme fire danger. In order to reduce the threat of wildfires on the Reservation, the following will be strictly prohibited until further notice:

• All woodcutting;

• Building, maintaining, attending or using fire, except for residential cooking fires;

• Debris burning;

• Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building; and

• Fireworks are always prohibited on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

These restrictions will remain in place until sufficient moisture is received across the Reservation.


This Order shall become effective immediately, beginning on, July 10, 2020. This policy shall remain effective until conditions improve at which time an announcement will be issued by the Tribe to lift the restrictions imposed herein. Anyone that violates this Order shall be subject to civil fines and penalties up to $2,000.00, and may be subject to imprisonment, where applicable, damages, and federal prosecution if unlawful actions lead to loss of life or natural resources.


The Tribal Forestry Department and Fire and Rescue, in conjunction with BIA Fire Management, and Game and Fish, Tribal Police, and the Tribal Forest Ranger shall inform the public of any supplemental restrictions and are responsible for monitoring and enforcing full compliance with the policy as stated herein. This Order is to be distributed to all Tribal programs, departments, enterprises, and Federal, local, and State agencies, as well as to members of the news media. Furthermore, all Tribal Agency and Enterprise Supervisors shall cooperate fully and provide any assistance necessary to help carry out the terms and conditions specified in this Executive Order.

Gwendena Lee-Gatewood, Chairwoman

White Mountain Apache Tribe

Issued this 9th day of July, 2020

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