Pet Allies is still dealing with the aftermath of the recent hoarding situation from the Timberline Mobile Home Community.

Fourteen pets have been adopted, which is great, but with 104 to go there is still much work to do in order to bring these pets back to good health and off to new homes.

Video and photos of the available cats can be seen on the Pet Allies Facebook page and website

The majority of the cats is being housed at the Barkin’ Basement building in various stages of care, where the cats will remain until they are healthy enough to be released for adoption.

You can also contact the shelter at (928) 537-8009 to set up a time to look at the cats. Why not consider adding a new family member?

Pet Allies appreciates the members of the community who have volunteered to assist with the care of the cats as well as those who donated food.

At this point, cash donations would be much appreciated. Most of the cats still need medical care, including expensive dental procedures. Unfortunately, five cats have died due to illness associated with the lack of care and poor living conditions that accompany a hoarding situation.

With the help of the community, the remaining cats can become healthy again and they can have a happy life in a new home.

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These are very special people. I am so impressed with the huge number of passionate animal lovers in our community. Doesn't matter what political views are in a love like this. It runs so deep in our souls.

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