Greg Butler

Greg Butler

Lifelong resident Greg Butler has announced his candidacy for Navajo County Supervisor for District IV.

“My family and I have been involved in local community services for as long as I can remember. My father was one of the first mayors of Show Low and was Navajo County Supervisor for 13 years and my brother was Chief of Police in Show Low and then Navajo County Sheriff for 20 years,” he said.

Butler has served on a number of boards and committees, including: the Industrial Development Authority of Navajo County, the Show Low Municipal Property Corporation, the Show Low School Board, the Show Low Fire Board, the Show Low Airport Commission, the Navapache Regional Medical Center (Summit) Governing Board and the Navapache Hospital District Board. He was also a member of private and business boards which included the Board of Directors of Frontier State Bank and Board of Directors for the Young Lumbermen of Arizona.

“Throughout all of these years of service, I have been proud to watch the communities of Navajo County grow and prosper,” he said.

Along with many others, he is interested in working to convince Navajo County to pass a resolution to become a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” Someday he would like to see Arizona become the first Sanctuary State in the country. “I would encourage anyone with this same strong feeling to to contact your county supervisors to support this important resolution.”

He is also watching, with interest, the process of the proposed “Sitgreaves County” split study. “It could bring different opportunities that would benefit the residents of our area,” he said.

“In my opinion, the number-one problem facing Navajo County is the loss of employment due to the closing of the Navajo Generating Station near Page and Peabody’s Kayenta Coal Mine that supplied it. Adding to that is the near future closing of the Cholla and Coronado Generating Stations. I feel that we need a plan to bring Navajo County’s resources to maximum effectiveness.”

“One thought I had heard was to encourage factories to develop along the Interstate 40 going through Winslow and Holbrook. This highway is one of the busiest arteries of commerce throughout the United States. Think of the jobs this could create! I would encourage the Board of Supervisors to involve the Industrial Development Authority of Navajo County in a more effective way to pursue some of these and other ideas.”

“I would like the county to keep working toward replacing the coal-fired power plants with biomass burning plants. I don’t know why, if we pursued it right, we couldn’t reopen the pulp mill outside of Snowflake with a biomass power plant. This would create tremendous opportunities in the White Mountain areas from Heber to Pinetop and the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Logging and forest restoration projects would not only restore thousands of jobs but also reduce one of the worst threats to our citizens and forests by seriously reducing wildfires,” Butler said.

“I would like to see the county get involved in campsite enhancement in the White Mountain area. It could encourage more tourists to enjoy our beautiful forests and greatly enhance the income of communities like Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low and Heber-Overgaard.”

“My goal for Navajo County is to work to protect the quality of life of our citizens and at the same time protect the property values we have all worked so hard to create,” he said.

“I am a pro-taxpayer, less government, and pro-happiness candidate. I would like to see the citizens of Navajo County be excited about their families, their towns and their futures,” Butler said.

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