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SPRINGERVILLE — The White Mountain Communities Special Health Care District will be conducting a mail-in ballot election Nov. 5.

To help voters prepare for the election there will be two “Town Hall” meetings to allow the public to learn more and ask questions. The Town Hall meetings are scheduled for:

• Oct. 3 — at 6 p.m. Springerville Police Department Conference Room on Main Street, Springerville.

• Oct. 8 — at 6 p.m. St. Johns City Hall on Cleveland Street, St. Johns.

For those who are unable to attend in person, an online video link will be provided for the meeting in Springerville on October 3.

To participate log onto: https://www.sportszone123.com/

Click on the image in the center of the page or scroll past the bottom of the page and click on the “Town Hall” link.

For the online participants there will be a call-in number in order to place questions for speakers to address.

The meetings are open to all members of the public including those that support the Health Care District mission as well as those who may oppose it. We can anticipate some spirited discussions, depending on who attends. Of course, personal attacks on any participants or the public will result in a request to leave or disconnect from a call-in session.

This meeting is being conducted to inform the public of the facts of what the Health Care District does to protect resident’s access to Emergency Services.

Further, residents can learn more about the public open meeting process the District uses to encourage the voice of the public into the process.

The Health Care District strongly urges you to mark your calendar to attend either the in-person meetings or log on to participate remotely. We have invited representatives of county government as well members of the health care provider community.

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