Allison Hephner

“We don’t have representation for the community. We need people who have social and economic diversity in our government who can truly represent the people they serve,” says Navajo County Board of Supervisors District 4 candidate Allison Hephner.

NAVAJO COUNTY — Asked why she decided to run for Navajo County Supervisor for District 4, Allison Hephner said: “We don’t have representation for the community. We need people who have social and economic diversity in our government who can truly represent the people they serve.”

She is not just blowing smoke; for the past 17 years she’s been devoting her life to doing just that. She works with what she calls “community champions” to enrich the lives of those who live in the White Mountains.

Hephner was a firefighter for 10 years with Show Low/Timber Mesa Fire where in 2011 she developed the evacuation plan of orange/green tags. The system was in collaboration with others and it was used during the Cedar Fire in 2016.

For two years she was the Navajo County Emergency and Risk Manager. Hephner worked on countless community projects with local and state agencies, community groups and private citizens. Those projects included disaster preparedness, county continuity of operation plan, and safety and accident review committee, just to name a few.

She moved to the county public health department where she was the outreach specialist and grants and project manager. She was also the lead on developing the first ever comprehensive county community health assessment and improvement plan. The plan identified the top three health priorities in Navajo County as substance use disorders, mental/behavioral health and poverty. Navajo County has 30 percent of its population in poverty.

Navajo County is the biggest employer in the county and has the lowest wages, said Hephner. “It’s not okay that the county has fund raisers to feed its employees and families.”

A year ago Hephner left her work with the county to start her own company: Community Project Management Services AZ. She works with many public and private organizations on strategic planning for communities and business, grants management and program planning.

There are countless other examples of what she has been involved in and still is, all of it while raising three children with her husband Rob.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a community champion,” she stated. “I’m not going into government for a career. I’m going into it to fix problems such as work force, substance abuse, mental/ physical health, poverty, and adverse childhood experiences issues. We need the county to work with local communities and organizations for the betterment of all.”

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It seems Hephner's experience is very limited. A County supervisor needs real world experience in managing their district. Especially in times like these, the County needs an experienced person on the job. Is it true that Ms Hephner quit her job at Navajo County? How can we be sure she won't quit on the residents of district 4?




She may be fit for the position....some of my concern is how much money may go the non property tax payers in the county if she gets the position. Specifically our property tax dollars going to the native American reservations. Remember people the reservations are a sovereign nation. If only we could send the res a tax bill Navajo county would be in better shape financially.

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