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June 30, 2020, an industrial fire occurred at the cultivation facility at Copperstate Farms Management, LLC, in Snowflake, Arizona. All employees were evacuated safely.

SNOWFLAKE — At approximately 11:30 a.m. MST, today, June 30, 2020, an industrial fire occurred at the cultivation facility at Copperstate Farms Management, LLC, in Snowflake, Arizona. All employees were evacuated safely and as a precautionary measure Copperstate Farms insisted two individuals be taken to the ER. Fortunately, these individuals were released from the hospital this afternoon and are able to come back to work. The Snowflake Police and Fire Departments in collaboration with the Timber Mesa Fire Department were immediately alerted and quickly contained the situation.

“We’d like to thank the Snowflake and Timber Mesa first responders for their swift action in extinguishing the fire. Their frontline skills ensured the well-being of our team and we are so grateful to have them in our community,” stated Pankaj Talwar, CEO at Copperstate Farms.

Copperstate Farms is in the process of accessing the damage and understanding the root cause for the fire to prevent this from occurring in the future. Copperstate Farms will keep the media updated as more details become available.

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Wish I had known about this. Could have done my deep breathing exercises in a parked car with the windows down.


Join You There :)


My luck, I would have been upwind![sad]

Ashlea S

It was a chemical fire in sanitation it probably wouldnt have smelled too good.


Snowflake city council was warned of the health and safety risks that the Copperstate facility would impose on the local community, and of dangers of fire and explosions. Snowflake was lucky that this fire didn't result in an explosion. Thankfully, this time, the employees weren't critically burned.

This fire is not unexpected. Snowflake City Council was told of the August 2014 RMHIDTA report, of more than 12 THC extraction lab explosions in Colorado in 2013, which were more than doubled during the first half of 2014 prior to their decision to approve the facility. They were warned of injuries from THC facility fires and explosions, 18 in 20013 and 27 the first half of 2014. Snowflake City Council was told of the DEA report warning of increases in severe burns resulting from THC facilities, burns more severe than meth lab explosions, due to the butane used. Accounts of horrible fires and explosions come from Colorado, Utah, California and across the country.

Did anyone watch the video from the July 2015 explosion in Santa Fe medical cannabis dispensary due to extraction butane?

Copperstate's facility in Snowflake already has such a poor safety record that it was the topic of concern at the August 2018 meeting of the American Chemical Society. There, scientists discussed the 16 employees who needed emergency medical care following a chemical spill from a commercial cleaner, which resulted in OSHA sanctions. Just before the meeting, there had been an explosion at another cannabis facility in Arizona from improperly stored hazardous materials.

Sadly, we can probably anticipate more stories like this to come.

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