PINETOP-LAKESIDE — It was the June 18 council meeting when the council approved a zone change for 25.5 acres on Vallery Lane from Open Space (OS) to Recreational Vehicle Park (RVP) status that the R word (Referendum) began circulating even before the doors closed. Now, almost a year later, following the April 15 council meeting where council approved RVP zoning for 6.2 acres, the R word flashed like a neon sign once again.

Even with former Community Development Director Cody Blake having answered primarily every concern voiced by the citizens who objected to the RV park, and Town Manager Keith Johnson’s Open Letter to the Citizens of Pinetop-Lakeside regarding the proposed RV resort in the April 23 edition of The Independent, which was also posted on the town’s Facebook page and emailed to subscribers of “Community Update,” the R word is now a reality.

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With 20 plus years media experience, Barbara Bruce is an award winning journalist, senior reporter and monthly columnist for the White Mountain Independent.

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This Article is based in favor of this development. Vote out Trashy, RV-Trailer park, Development Junk. Quality Development Only!


While I personally believe our community has more than enough trailer parks, I have a hard time telling a private property owner what they can and cannot do with their property (within reason). Where does it end?

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