SHOW LOW — Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios is excited to announce the release of the new book by Master Trainer Johnny Ryder entitled “The Better Side of the Hill. A Handbook for the Active Senior.”

For all those who seek to live a longer, more functional, happy and fulfilled life as an older individual, this book is your blueprint of tips and suggestions to get you there!

Leave aside all the negative thoughts you may have about aging and your golden years to come, and begin on your path today to a better you.

Now is your time to live life to the fullest and enjoy The Better Side of the Hill. Available in paperback and Kindle versions, on Amazon, eBay and The Ryder Store.

About the author:

Johnny Ryder is currently a Doctoral Degree Candidate (PhD) in Holistic Life Counseling, he holds a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a number of additional collegiate degrees and certificates. John is a Certified Master Level Fitness Trainer, holding numerous specialized fitness certifications. He is also an Interscholastic Coach, in which he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning and Wrestling Coach. In addition, John is a Certified Health and Physical Education Teacher in the State of Arizona. He also holds the rank of Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and has studied a number of other styles as well. John has well over thirty years experience in the health and fitness field as an educator, trainer, fitness competitor, public speaker and is the owner of Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios in Show Low.

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