Frank is among the animals in a cooperative program between Show Low Police and Pet Allies to find forever homes for dogs at the no-kill shelter.

SHOW LOW — Frank.

A common name.

But a three-legged dog named Frank?

Why not?

It’s all part of a new program between the Show Low Police Department and the Pet Allies no-kill shelter in Show Low to find forever homes for homeless dogs. The Police Department helps socialize any breed of dog to better candidates for adoption.

Foster homes, while pet owners wait for a permanent home, are fine too.

Frank is a 1½-year-old German shepard mix who is chipped, neutered and fully vaccinated.

In other words, he is a family-ready dog.

He is completely house- and kennel-trained and loves playing fetch and going for hikes.

Apparently he gets along with feline counterparts just fine, unless they run, and then it is everyone for themselves when it comes to the chase.

“He is good with cats, but his first instinct is to chase them if they run,” Frank’s adoption profile at Pet Allies states.

The operations manager for Pet Allies, Jennifer Drew, said not to worry though, even if Frank gets close to a cat he decides he absolutely must chase, he backs off as soon as the cat shows signs of disdain.

But who can blame a dog (or a cat) for chasing another animal if they run?

Certainly not Frank, in spite of having a missing hind leg.

He has been with Pet allies since 2020 and is ready and able to move into a forever home with a best friend or two or three or more.

If there are squeaky toys in his new home all the better because he really likes them a lot (along with almost any toy) and loves getting bones, especially if they have meat on them.

Last but not least, Frank gets along with other dogs just fine so that should not be an issue.

But it is always a good idea to introduce dogs for the first time in a neutral, safe and controlled setting before making a permanent decision to adopt so everyone is happy.

With that thought in mind, the SLPD animal control officer takes dogs up for adoption into public settings on a monthly basis to better socialize them so they are ready to go on a K9 for a day excursion with a potential new owner.

SLPD Community Relations Officer Kristine Sleighter said Frank did just fine when he recently went out with someone for a day.

Once a pet is adopted, it goes to its new home with an SLPD vest (not a bullet-proof vest) and a backpack of sorts with treats, a K9 badge, a leash and a toy or two to help the transition from shelter to home.

Drew said Pet Allies, with locations at 4045 S. White Mountain Road and at 1321 N. 16th St., are open seven days a week from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. and encourages anyone thinking of adopting a pet to come see the fine animals they have at the no-kill shelter and see if they find a fit.

They can be reached by phone at 928-537-8009.

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