Cows cross Little Colorado River

Cattle cross the Little Colorado River near Springerville.

An environmental group has filed a lawsuit to protect deteriorating streams by halting cattle grazing on the Apache-Sitgreaves Forests as well as two others in New Mexico.

The Center for Biological Diversity says the Forest Service has failed to protect the Gila River and other riparian areas from the impact of cattle grazing and has asked a federal judge to shut down the grazing programs until the Forest Service can adequately monitor the effects.

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Bob Smith

This brings to mind a quote from the late Edward Abbey: "The rancher (with a few honorable exceptions) is a man who strings barbed wire all over the range; drills wells and bulldozes stock ponds; drives off elk and antelope and bighorn sheep; poisons coyotes and prairie dogs; shoots eagles, bears and cougars on sight; supplants the native grasses with tumbleweed, snakeweed, povertyweed, cow****, anthills, mud, dust, and flies. And then leans back and grins at the TV cameras and talks about how much he loves the American West. They are nothing but welfare parasites." According to a study by the Pacific Standard 94% of the costs of grazing cattle on public lands is subsidized by the public. In other words; WELFARE. If you could get someone to let you graze your cow and her calf on their land for $1.35 / month would you do it? Of course you would! Spend a few minutes googling the true cost of grazing on public lands and your opinion of ranchers taking advantage of this crooked system to support their "way of life" might change. John Wayne on Welfare crying about his vanishing way of life...makes me sick.




And let the Californication of Arizona begin.


Ain't it the truth, Scott. If we don't all get out and vote RED in November, we're sunk.




Kicking ranchers off "their" land - "property rights"? These ranchers forget that it is Not their land, it is our land and things that hurt our land such as grazing cattle near freshwater streams should Not be allowed. How is grazing private cattle on public land not socialism? How is Trump giving 28 billion to farmers and ranchers not socialism?


enviro-tards continue to prefer our forests black


Right on, Russ!!


Russ_in_WML: "enviro-tards"? Really" You sound like the fourth-grade fan of a fourth-grade president.

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