Tommy Siqueiro III

Tommy Siqueiro III, who formerly worked at Haven Health in Show Low, was arrested in the San Francisco Bay Area and held on a $15 million bond on several counts of child prostitution, sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual conduct with a minor.

APACHE COUNTY — Tommy Siqueiro III, who was once the executive director of Haven Health nursing home in Show Low, has been charged with four counts of child prostitution, four counts of sexually exploiting a minor by means of photographing or recording during sexual conduct and four counts having sex with a minor. These acts allegedly took place in July 2017, at a hotel in Springerville and allegedly involve girls who were between the ages of 15 and 17 at the time.

He has pleaded not guilty, and is being held in the Apache County Jail on a $5 million cash bond.

There have been developments in the case; specifically, the allegations contained in a motion filed by Siquerio’s attorney Dana R. Hogle of the Hogle Law Firm in Mesa Feb. 7, alleges that the alleged minor victims had actually advertised their services on a website “which is actually a not-so-veiled prostitution website,’” he wrote.

In fact, the females had to attest that they were at least 18 years old in order to register with the site which invited women to ‘Meet rich men … if you are hot or young or a rich admirer, want to find nice successful men to take care of you and nice things … .” The websites involved are named as and The attorney urges that “The alleged victims were clearly engaged in criminal acts themselves,” therefore have a motive to lie about what Siquerio knew about their actual ages.

Hogle acknowledges that Siqueiro contacted the site and arranged to meet someone described in court records as “C.K.,” or “K.C.” One of them wanted the other to go along with her to meet Siqueiro who promised to pay them with gift cards. Seems Siqueiro’s wife found out about it and reported her husband to the police. Without the knowledge of the girls’ true ages, Siqueiro could have been charged with misdemeanor prostitution, which in Arizona, carries a mandatory jail term of fifteen days; instead, he has been in jail since Nov. 16, 2018.

It’s an absolute defense to at least one of the charges that the accused person “did not know and could not reasonably have known the age of the victim,” says the law. But his motion on Feb. 7 doesn’t seek dismissal of the charges. That’s because Siquerio’s knowledge or ignorance of the girls’ ages is a question the jury will have to decide. Hogle raises it only for permission from the judge to be able to tell the jury about the girl’s history which relatively new “rape shield” laws might prevent.

In the past, victims of sexual assault were often kept on a witness stand for long periods of time and forced to testify in public, on the record, about every detail of their sex lives and sexual history which produced situations, as it is said, that victimized them twice — once by the perpetrator and again by the system. In response, laws were enacted to limit questioning in those areas, and Arizona adopted one. A party can go into the sexual history of the alleged victim if a judge, after a hearing, allows it, and that’s what Hogle requesting.

Siqueiro’s next court date is Feb. 20.

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