SHOW LOW – Both long-time and new residents of Show Low will recognize The Homestead RV park located at 430 West McNeil in Show Low from driving by. The park sits on the north side of McNeil behind Arizona CJDR.

The park has been called “home” by many people throughout the years. Over time, some of the homes have aged, leaving some of the lots vacant and some of the homes empty. The park has been owned by the same family for about 34 years, according to the new owners, Sarah Fox and Tracy Asbury of Lakeside.

Earlier this year, Fox and Asbury decided to renovate the RV park, primarily as a business investment. Having renovated and rehabilitated other properties in the White Mountains, they thought they knew what to expect. But they got more than they bargained for in the form of gratitude.

Their ongoing work to revitalize the RV park has left them with a lot of drive-by honks, smiles and waves of acknowledgment for their hard work.

“Literally, people roll down their windows and say ‘thank you for fixing it up!’” says Fox.

“The park was in pretty bad shape and we were told that the city of Show Low was actually going to condemn it this year,” explains Fox. “We have been diligently working on it daily to turn into a clean, quiet, nice little park to live in.”

To date, the DIY’ers have removed five dilapidated mobile homes that were unoccupied and have renovated a total of 11 lot spaces. Four of the five new spaces have been rented. They are now in the process of adding four more lot spaces that will soon be available for tenants.

It’s certainly been a labor of love for us,” says Fox. “But, I give all the credit to Tracy on the upgrades. She took that on while I worked behind the scenes.” In many areas they replaced electrical, wiring and plumbing so that everything was up to code and able to pass inspection. Every lot has its own parking pad as well.

Fox and Asbury say they have accomplished a lot in three months. And, more importantly, “the existing and new tenants seem really happy,” says Asbury.

“We didn’t want anyone to be displaced or have to move if they didn’t want to. We gave the mobile home titles to the existing tenants and lowered their rent to a space-only fee,” the owners explain. “We told everyone that they were welcome to stay as long as they like.”

They also gave free paint to tenants that wanted to spruce up their own lots and even held contests to recognize their efforts to help the overall project.

They also added a laundry room with two new washers and dryers, a small dog run, an outdoor barbecue area with picnic tables, a regulation-size horseshoe pit and a fire ring with benches for community gatherings. For additional security and to discourage foot traffic by non-residents, they added a gate at the back wall.

They chose Double Deuce as the new name for the park because they wanted a fresh look that maintained the Show Low theme.

For now, they are extremely happy with the renewed pride their tenants have shown in the renovation. “Even the natural gas guy told us he couldn’t believe what we’ve done with the place,” says Fox. “And Classic Canine who lives adjacent to the park says, ‘I can’t believe what you’ve done; man, that’s beautiful!’” she adds.

“We made David the park manager and we couldn’t be happier with his enthusiasm about it,” assures Fox.

Fox and Asbury say their future goal is to utilize the property primarily for summer vacationers with RVs but they are happy with the response of the community and their current tenants.

They expect to be finished with all of the renovations in about three months.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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