Do you find yourself feeling sad during our cold and dark winter months here on the Mountain? If so, you have a lot of company. You may be surprised to know it is very common and more than three million cases per year of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are reported.

It is a type of depression that results from seasonal changes usually beginning in the fall and lasting throughout the winter months. Living in the valley during the extreme hot months can contribute to the same affect. There are solutions and treatments available to ease this disorder. You will find on the internet a variety of therapy lighting available that include lamps and bulbs that will enhance your mood and help to increase your energy, alertness and focus. People are coping with more darkness during winter months and the invention of light box therapy can trick their brains into thinking they are somewhere else, like the beach. There are many sources on the internet you will find.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that results from seasonal changes usually beginning in the fall and lasting throughout the winter months.

Winters are long here on the mountain and consulting with your health care professional is advisable for more severe cases in order to seek proper treatment to help you beat the winter blues. Treatment can include medications and awareness of vitamin deficiencies and with a personalized evaluation you will be able to zone in on your individual needs.

Winter comes so quickly and our summer fun comes to an abrupt halt. If you are not a snow bird who packs up and leaves here to your home with a milder winter it is important to prepare for projects you can manage during the winter months. Maybe it is time to pursue inside hobbies such as painting or other creative artistic projects.

Life is more sedentary and can cause weight gain and lethargy. There are many exercise programs on the internet or DVD’s available teaching Pilates, Yoga, and weight training, it is endless. Find something you like to do that is physical and keep those endorphins released into your body. It doesn’t take a marathon or even an intense hour of exercise to feel better but it is important to be consistent.

Learn to cook a special meal and have a small dinner party. With COVID-19 it may be more appropriate to party via Zoom and ask all parties cook their favorite meal and join together. We all know how being engaged kicks up our energy levels and gives us hope and it does not always require food to stay engaged with family and friends and community. Local organizations are always in need of volunteers and helping people in need is uplifting and positive for community now more than ever before.

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I for one suffer from this. But my Dr. has prescribed a lightbox [a small box with white led lights in it, to simulate sunlight] and extra vit. D3. And these help a lot to alleviate this, with out any extra meds.

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