Medical marijuana dispensary owner charged with five felony counts

Michael Lytle

Holbrook, AZ - On April 2, 2013 the Navajo County Attorney’s Office formally charged suspect Michal Lytle, a 68 year old white male with the following felony criminal charges:

  • Count one: Sale of marijuana, a class three felony.
  • Count two: Sale of marijuana, a class three felony.
  • Count three: Sale of a narcotic drug, a class two felony.
  • Count four: Sale of marijuana, a class three felony.
  • Count five: Possession of marijuana for sale, a class three felony.

MCAT has been conducting criminal investigations where compassionate care givers sell marijuana for profit in direct violation of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana law.

Michael Lytle was identified by concerned citizens who were trying to obtain marijuana with a legal medical marijuana card and were forced to pay hundreds of dollars for marijuana that was supposed to be given to them as provided by the law.

The Major Crimes Apprehension Team (MCAT) executed a search warrant on March 14th, 2013 at Mountain Meds located in Lakeside, AZ. where Lytle was identified as the owner of the business. Numerous items consistent with illegal drug sales were seized, and a second search warrant was obtained for Mr. Lytle’s home residence in Apache County where an additional five pounds of illegal possessed marijuana was recovered.

This investigation was concluded with Mr. Lytle receiving a summons to appear in court for the above listed criminal violations.  More arrests and criminal charges are pending upon receiving lab results.

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When will our Government finally realize it can profit more from taxing the sale of the harmless medicinal herb than by jailing people for it? It is so good to see groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws and defending this plant. Public opinion is finally swaying toward legalization from such efforts! I drew up a very cool poster for the cause featuring Uncle Willie Nelson which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!


concerned citizens, yea right, nothing but free loaders looking for free weed, im sure this guy was selling weed at like 35 dollars an eighth, now thease "concerned citizens" can go to a licensed dispensary and buy dry old weed for 60 dollars an eighth, always someone looking for something for nothing, let em try to grow there own and see if they want to give it away,

show low mom

Both a scam and a sham. These places are nothing but "legalized" peddling of brain frying meds. Somebody has to make money or they wouldn't be doing it. Maybe they should shut them all down til they figure out how it should be done "legally". This must be going on in lots of other medical marijuana approved hangouts, too.

Apache Cty Resident

Show Low Mom, you are the only one with a fryed brain. It takes a "facility" to grow weed, i.e., a green house - have you ever built a green house ? It cost's money. Have you ever paid for the pots to put the plants in ? They cost money. Have you ever watered the plants ? The water bill is there every month. Get real. It takes money to produce this product. "Giive" it to you and the "concerned" citizens ? That is pure socializim. All pharmacutical companys expect a return on their investment, that's capitalizm. Yet you complain about Obama Care, you complain because you did not get your 'Child Credit" from the fed to have babies and not have some one else pay for their well being and education.

Give me a break and get a real grip on your backward physcosis pattern that seems to have developed your fried brain.

Rick Slo Low

Pot tourism Colorado vs Arizona, in Arizona you don't have to call priceline to book your room.

The Sherrif

First off it was a compassion club people. Get your facts straight. It IS NOT A DISPENCERY.In the paper they cant even get it right. Again it is a compassion club.Compassion clubs are now illegal if within twenty five miles from a dispencary.Why dont we go backwards and get alcohol off the shevles it is much more harmfull the cannabis.Cannabis is natural.Lets get rid of cigerettes there kill more people then cannabis and do nothing for you. Dont help with pain , or eating andd or sleeping disorders. But yet we let it continue. It is the right of each one of us to have are own choices in life. WE THE PEOLPE VOTED IN THREE TIMES FOR CANNABIS to be legal.Yet the goverment is above the people??Someone tell me if you know someone that has died from cannabis or alcohol.Again that was not a dispencary by the state. Get your facts and have a nice life.

The Sherrif

Whiplash thats a great idea. you at least dont have to go thru the date thing. Right??Thats what we are after anyways. Why cant people just be honest. All the ones making these laws are the ones that break them anyways.

The Sherrif

Ladies and gentleman it WAS NOT a dispencary , it was a compssion club. As of now any compassion clubs witin 25 miles of a dispencary can not operate.This patient that complained will nopw have to go to a real dispecary and be charged for it. It will be more than the compssion guy.The media says it was a dispencary , but its not.Licsened dispencaries will be chaged patients mfor medicine.A dispencary is the only entity that can if open and cleared form adhs.Soon there will be no more caregivers. This to will help with control. Adhs has a link to all certified dispencies and rules and regs they have to follow. I think it was a great idea on the states part of how they are handling this.I have a question. Which is worse alchol , cigs or cannabis.Think about all the people that die every year from alchol and cigs.Now how many from cannabis.I think you really know the right answer.Think about this when we vote (WE THE PEOLPE) three times on this 203 law and the feds still dont get it,Why??That tells me they do not care what the majority has to say.Thanks for reading. The Sherrif

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