Police seek helping finding truck

This tan Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, or one similar to it, may be the one driven by a person throwing full bottles of water at people in Show Low and Wagon Wheel Wednesday, July 15. Police are asking the public’s help in finding the person responsible.

SHOW LOW — Police are investigating two reports they received Wednesday evening, July 15 about people being hit by water bottles reportedly thrown from a tan Toyota Tacoma pickup.

SLPD Public Information Officer Shawn Roby said a woman jogging on the Deuce of Clubs Wednesday between 6 and 7:30 p.m. reported being hit in the neck and a worker working on a water line at the Pour Station reported being hit in the chest close to that time.

Roby said the two victims in Show Low did not call police at first.

When they saw posts on social media of similar encounters from others in Wagon Wheel however, they then called police and told them what happened to them.

Roby said neither victim was seriously injured.

But he said both victims told investigators that it hurt.

Police said the victims in Show Low told officers they heard a male voice laughing as the truck drove away when they were hit.

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is also looking into reports of the same kind of activity.

Their Facebook page states that the NCSO got several calls the evening of July 15 about a person or persons throwing full water bottles from a moving truck in Wagon Wheel between Show Low and Lakeside.

Six pedestrians struck by water bottles in Wagon Wheel reported being seriously injured.

The NCSO is asking the public to help them find out who is responsible.

They ask that anyone who may know anything to contact the NCSO at 928-524-4050 or to provide information anonymously to Wetip at 1-800-78 CRIME (2743).

The NCSO Facebook page includes a still photo from video at a local store of a tan Toyota Tacoma that is possibly connected to, or is similar in appearance to, the one involved in the incidents in Show Low and Wagon Wheel.

NCSO Public Information Officer Tori Gorman said possible charges which, would be felonies, include aggravated assault and/or endangerment.

“Incidents like this may seem juvenile or small in nature, but this is very serious. Being hit by any object from a moving vehicle can cause serious physical injury and in these cases it has. This is why the Sheriff’s Office is taking such an aggressive approach to this investigation. We have over six victims, some with serious injuries. We are going to bring those responsible to justice,” Sheriff David M. Clouse said.

On July 21, Roby said the SLPD did not have an update.

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Show low dave

I saw a truck that looked just like that turn into the subdivision by kids town. Wonder if they live down there?

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