Navajo relief-  council headquarters in Window Rock

Pictured is the Navajo Nation council chambers in Window Rock.  Rep. O’Halleran, whose district includes the White Mountains and a large portion of the Navajo Reservation, said, “though I am relieved to see at least a portion of these much-needed funds reach those that need them most, tribes need the rest of the aid they were promised fast.”

(Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a two-part series on the Navajo Nation’s federal court challenge to the November 6 general election. This installment reviews the response by Navajo County.)

Fourteen days after the last votes were cast, the Navajo Nation mounted a wide-ranging federal court challenge to the November 6 election. The Tribe asked that a federal judge halt the formal approval of the vote — called the certification of the election — until a ruling could be secured on the Tribe’s allegations that Apache, Navajo and Coconino counties had violated the rights of Navajo voters.

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Sounds like it is time to split the counties and form the Sitgreaves County.

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