I wonder if Navajo County really cares about how residents are taking care of their property?

I don't necessarily mean cutting the grass or picking up weeds.

Instead, I am referring to those that are building junkyards in a residential neighborhood. One in particular has literally older passenger vehicles, broken down recreational vehicles, semi-trucks left for rot, trailers, etc. strewn about their property.

I have attempted to contact Code Enforcement only to be told that I will have to stand in line since the department does not have the manpower to handle these issues right now.

The property I am complaining about seems to be either creating a business of selling old parts or possibly even a military­style/gypsy encampment with every day a new piece of crap is being added to the pile.

Maybe this garbage is for target practicing?!! Since I cannot get the proper authorities to pay attention to my complaint, maybe this editorial will. (Our Family owns property in Navajo County)

Jennifer Burkett,

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You must be from the valley. A lot of us up north want to live and let live without people telling us how to live. If you like the HOA life, live in one or go to the valley. If you want pristine properties, move in the middle of no where. Love, peace and God be with you.


😂😂😂 Dear Mountain Music…you don’t speak for everyone. There are people who have probably lived here longer than you, who are not slobs and take pride in their properties.


Just imagine what the inside of some of these dwellings look like? One can certainly tell a lot about someone by the way they keep the inside of their home and automobile. I was in the auto service business for many years, and it's true.


Ahh, you must have driven down McNeil road. The Lee’s have expanded their junkyard to include several properties and county easements. Like the other commenter said, because he or she speaks for all of us of course, we don’t mind it a bit!? Sure, it affects our property values, but we can’t expect long time residents to conform in any way. We wouldn’t even want to ask them to contain their junk to their own property, or to erect a privacy fence. They were here first, (Not!) so naturally they are grandfathered in and no one will even question their mess, even tho it IS hazardous. County officials can be counted on to look the other way!

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