Reported cases of COVID-19 in Navajo County have almost doubled that of the total cases reported in October. On Nov. 20, there were 414 cases, compared to 243 at the end of October.

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Navajo County Public Health reported 194 new cases off-tribal lands Nov. 14 - 21. Of the 194, nine people required hospitalization and one person died.

In regards to case numbers being “so high”, Navajo County Public Health stated the following in their daily case summary: “Take a closer look and it seems to be attributed to the sheer volume of news cases coming recently. When nurses recommend isolation, folks are passing through that process – with varying degree of symptoms from none to extreme – in 3 or 4 weeks.”

Daily case increases

The average number of cases, per day, in October was 11. That has doubled to an average number of cases, per day, in November to 21.

Cases by day

A running tally of new cases reported, per day, for Apache and Navajo counties reflect a similar upward trend.

From November 16 – 24, Apache County daily cases started at 2 and ended at 115 per day. The new cases, by day, were as follows: 2, 95, 76, 58, 119, 145, 35, 0 and 115.

For the exact same dates, Navajo County daily cases started at 17 and ended at 102. The new cases, by day, were as follows: 17, 72, 64, 4, 99, 194, 65, 52 and 102.

“The high volume of new cases every day keeps pushing the running total of active cases higher,” stated Navajo County Public Health summary over the weekend of Nov. 21-22.

Monthly case increase

Monthly cases numbers in Navajo county reflect the increase being reported statewide. The same can be seen in Apache County daily and monthly case totals.

Arizona Department of Health Services (AzDHS) reported almost 8,000 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend of Nov. 21-22. The fast increase in cases may soon bring hospital bed capacity to a worrisome state.

In Arizona, there were 4,123 new cases reported Thurs., Nov. 19, followed by 4,471 new cases on Friday. Reporting showed a slight dip on Saturday with 3,638 new cases. Fast forward three days and the number of new cases, statewide, is still hovering above 4,000 per day.

July was the last month that daily cases were up over the 4,000 mark. Now, in late November those daily case totals are a carbon copy of what the state experienced during the summer peak.

Tuesday was the tenth time that Arizona reported more than 4,000 new cases in a day since tracking began. Six of the ten days with 4,000+ numbers were in June and July.

The Arizona Department of Health Services and the Gov. Ducey’s office recommend that people stay home over the Thanksgiving holiday to reduce spread of the virus. However, months of reduced interaction with family, friends and loved ones have left the nation ready for a change of scenery. Online school has taken its toll as well since social interaction in children and young adults is important to their well-being.

The question is, how will the daily and monthly case totals look 14 days after the holiday?

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One reason many people don't wear masks on the mountain is that for many people, science has been politicized. I don't care if you flunked 7th grade science or not, this virus is real and it will be around for as long as people ignore the precautions. You refuse to wear a mask and you hate it that so many businesses are closing? Then forget about getting rid of this nasty bug. It won't go away until we are ALL compliant. Yes, there is a vaccine coming, but in the meantime our hospitals are nearing capacity. Store managers are partly responsible. I went in to Tractor Supply yesterday and NOBODY was wearing a mask except the cashier who had it under her nose. Store managers should prevent people from purchasing merchandise unless they wear a mask. Very simple. Apparently, they don't want to anger their customers. I would like to remind them that the virus will never go away unless we all get on board.



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