Elk Lodge Officers

Show Low Elks Lodge officers installed on March 27 were, from left, Past Exalted Ruler and Trustee Larry Legge, Loyal Knight Chris Cribbs, Chaplain Jim Zawacki, Lecturing Knight Peg Hanning, Exalted Ruler Brian Threlkeld, Secretary Carol Crittenden, Treasurer Brooke Patterson, Inner Guard Randy Daggett and Leading Knight Casey Hackett.

SHOW LOW — The annual ceremony to usher out the previous officers and welcome the new Show Low Elks Lodge officers for 2021-22 service year took place Saturday, March 27.

Past Exalted Ruler and newly installed Trustee, Larry Legge, led the formal ceremony followed by the dinner banquet and annual awards.

The new officers are Exalted Ruler Brian Threlkeld, Leading Knight Casey Hackett, Loyal Knight Chris Cribbs, Lecturing Knight Peg Hanning, Secretary Carol Crittenden, Inner Guard Randy Daggett, Treasurer Brooke Patterson and Chaplain Jim Zawacki.

Long time Elks Lodge Member, Brian Threlkeld, was installed as the new Exalted Ruler.

“Here we are together, united under one flag and for this great charity organization,” said Threlkeld. “Think of what we can accomplish when we continue to work together.”

Threlkheld also thanked all Elks members for their support and generosity throughout the years and gave special thanks to Trustee Larry Legge.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to our Past Exalted Ruler (PER) and newest lodge Trustee, Larry Legge,” said Threlkeld. “His efforts and service to our lodge this past year, along with his wife Nanz Marshall, propelled this Lodge the difficult period of COVID-19. As they take the next step together may they enjoy the peace and tranquility that they deserve.

Donations, awards

As part of the banquet ceremony, Legge announced $750 in donations to the Show Low Elks Lodge from the Emblem Club. The first donation was $250 for an Elks Major Project which donates annually to the Steele Children’s Research Center. The second was $500 for the use of the Show Low Elks Lodge facility.

Legge presented awards to the following Elks members for their service in the 2020-21 year.

Officer of the Year went to Randy Daggett who “helped with Taco Tuesday, Pizza and Wings on Flippin’ the Deuce Nights and the Friday Night Fish Fry, “said Legged. “Randy pitches in behind the bar with a smiling face, has been present at many officer functions, and is a formidable Inner Door Guard who keeps all on their toes except for his own bum foot.”

Elk of the Year went to Lauren Paulson “who currently serves on the House Committee as Liquor Agent and the Gun Show Chairman,” said Legge. “Lauren is the best Santa for the Kids, helps with Taco Tuesday and Friday Night Fish Fry and was one of the best dressed queens in the Emblem Variety Show.”

Citizen of the Year went to Cynthia Barrows. “She has helped with the Thanksgiving boxes for many years and has also collected the boxes from her place of employment and delivered them to the Lodge,” said Legge. “Her dedication to ensuring our needs is greatly appreciated. She is also the mother of Lodge member ‘Steve-O’, bless her heart!”

Neil Rabe was recognized for Outstanding Service Commendation. “He projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our fellow members,” said Legge. “I have seen him resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. In the community he goes out of his way to help people in need by organizing charity drives.”

“Neil loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around him,” said Legge. “I believe these characteristics represent all that is good in our organization.”

Norlene Tchilda was also honored with an Outstanding Service Commendation. “She has volunteered behind the bar as a bartender, rolling up the silverware in napkins to be used for our different dinners and helped in the kitchen,” said Legge.

“Norlene is an Emblem Officer that you should see at the Friday night bake sales and Friday night bingo,” said Legge. “ She was instrumental with the new floor in the pit and trying to get beer taps installed out front at the bar. She also creates beautiful ceramics and the decorated lighted bottles you saw last Christmas.”

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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