SHOW LOW — 114 cats were rescued from alleged hoarders in Show Low and are being processed by Pet Allies Animal Shelter.

According to Jennifer Rinaldi a board member of the organization in Show Low, “concerned citizens” began calling in last week to report that a couple who was being evicted from an RV park had “admitted to owning over 100 cats.” Pet Allies personnel contacted Show Low Police, which dispatched animal control officers who began the process of removing the cats and a number of dogs to the Pet Allies facility.

A later post from the Show Low police Department’s Facebook page on August 26 also gave kudos to the Gila County Animal Care and Control: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating a huge amount of cat food to Pet Allies. This donation will certainly help to feed the 114 cats brought into the shelter from a hoarding situation earlier in the week.”

In an August 27 email to the Independent, Rinaldi lamented that in situations like this “when there is a failure to provide proper nutrition, care & (sic) a sanitary environment, there are illnesses and some major medical issues.” In fact, she reported that two kittens around five months old had died shortly after reaching the shelter, despite the best efforts of staff there.

Pet Allies will continue to care for the animals and begin the search for foster homes “as soon as possible,” she wrote. This endeavor is expected to be expensive and Pet Allies will gladly accept donations “to pay for extra staff, medication, litter, food andcare required to give these poor cats a chance at good health,” she pleaded. For those who can foster an animal, Rinaldi asks them to call (928) 537-8009 and donations are accepted at

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I am so thankful that we have Pet Allies with us. Navajo County good old boy network has finally been forced to progress a bit in their quest for civilization and evolution. I remember the shock back around 2009 when the Sheriff shot those 40 some innocent pet dogs that belonged to a man they put in jail. It still hurts me deeply that that happened but I know they wouldn't try that nowadays. That's progress in a world that can be so cruel.

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