SHOW LOW — A protest that included people from out of town along with local residents ended completely peacefully Thursday evening, June 4.

Protesters lined the Deuce of Clubs/US60

It was one of many such protests in the wake of the May 25 killing by Minneapolis police of 46-year-old George Floyd, a black man.

All four of the officers involved in Floyd’s killing have been charged with murder and are being held on heavy bonds.

Protesters in Show Low

A protester holds up a painting of George Floyd during the Thursday, June 4 protest in front of the police department in Show Low.

The second of two protests (the first Tuesday, June 2) was on Thursday, June 4, which began at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Public Safety Headquarters building on the Deuce of Clubs with about 45-50 protesters participating.

A nearly equal number of local young people marched in protest in a loop around government buildings that included the police headquarters.

One of the main points of those participating in the protest organized by Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) was that, “This is not just about George Floyd. It’s about Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Artery, and the centuries of violence against black people and communities of color by the police,” said Kim Whitley to the protesters and anyone else in hearing range.

“It is about what happened in Central Park and a throughline to Trump and white supremacy. This is an opportunity for us to change the conversation. We are asking for something simple that everyone can do,” Whitley said.

She said that people need to be more fully committed to societal and law enforcement reform/change and for people who are not of color to take a moment to consider that the protections they expect from government is not always metered out fairly sometimes to minorities.

“George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery and our own Dion Johnson did not have that privilege of feeling protected by law enforcement,” Whitley said.

She went on to say that people need to be in active conversation, to read about and get the facts about racism and violence associated with law enforcement in connection with minorities, and to speak up about it.

The vast majority of cars and trucks that drove by on the Deuce of Clubs either honked or waved in support of the protesters.

Protesters in Show Low

Protesters organized by Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) march in front of the Public Safety building on the Deuce of Clubs/US60 that houses both the Show Low Police Department and an office of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, Thursday, June 4.

There were a few that revved engines loudly, gave protesters the bird, or yelled at them, but those were far and away the minority, not the majority.

Some of the chants by protesters included, “Gay, straight, black, white, same struggle, same fight”, and “Silence is violence.”

Protesters ranged in age from young to old.

Jackie Day, Outreach Coordinator for Indivisible, a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups to defund ICE, CBP, and deportation, spoke to the death of Dion Johnson on May 25 by an Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper who shot and killed Johnson after the black man allegedly reached for a firearm.

That incident is currently under investigation.

“It’s not OK that his family has no answers (from law enforcement),” Day said.

A man of color from Maine making a delivery in Show Low said he could feel the energy of the protest as he drove by and had to stop and join in.

Asked if he felt encouraged or has hope for the future by what has been happening all over the nation in the wake of the killings of Artery, Floyd, Johnson, and so many others, he said he is, but like other people of color is guarded about it.

“Most people of African descent are worried about justice,” he said. “But I think things will start to change now.”

Show Low Police officers, not in any kind of riot gear or anything, but in normal uniforms stood watch from a distance to make sure the protest went peacefully which it did, ending by 8 p.m., the time set by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for a temporary statewide curfew.

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What are these pinheads protesting? Such stupid pawns.


If you were able to read, Tired, you would know that United States and World Citizens are now protesting for the adequate protection of the due process and equal protection of the laws for all the rainbow, and not just one color. This is a significant world event Tired, learn to read and pay attention.


The pinheads remind me of many peaceful protesters from decades past. They see a real problem that most of us don't see or refuse to recognize, and, more importantly they are choosing to use their constitutional right to tell the world about it.


Pretty sure ‘Tired’ can read just fine there ‘libertyminded’. Just because ‘Tired’ doesn’t think like you, doesn’t make them illiterate or dumb or beneath you.

Not quite sure how you determine there’s not equal protections of the law for all the “rainbow, and not just one color”???? I, in now way, condone what happened to Floyd, but I also know that snake wranglers don’t let their guard down for one reason & one reason they don’t get bit. Statistically, the interactions with certain people of the “rainbow” and law enforcement just doesn’t pan out the way they should, so law enforcement is forced to be the snack they don’t get bit. No, I’m not saying law enforcement should go around mistreating people or even kill them, but they are forced into a corner of protection, much like a dog would be. That dog learns to protect themself and come out fighting when those they encounter are fighting against them. Basically, it’s a learned behavior. If people would learn respect towards law enforcement , then 99.9% of Law enforcement would have respect towards them.

I’ve been stopped on sever occasions & keeping your hands in plain sight, being respectful & courteous goes a long way.


You nailed it, Tired!



Lee Bertay

"Make racists afraid again" is the slogan of a militant

leftist armed organisation. BLM has long been associated

with police officer assassinations. What a fine event.


The self styled militias do the same thing, but because they're white, I'm guessing they're "heroes"? The people wanting to overthrow the government and destroy everything are right wing extremists with guns. It's only bad when guns are in the hands of black people. That's what the NRA wants you to believe, anyway. We should make racists afraid again. They're out and proud ever since you people inflicted that half-witted criminal on all of us. He's made them unashamed of what really ugly people they are. That guy in Show Low with the confederate flag airbrushed on his truck is a prime example. He's actually proud of what an ugly human being he is.


These protestors are pushing this so much that it comes across that they are in jeopardy of being part of the problem.......that they need to prove to all POC's (people of color) how woke they are. We don't need you to prove that at all. We don't need you to keep saying "we are not racists". Just don't be racist. That's it. Thats all.


"tnchill" said:

"No, I’m not saying law enforcement should go around mistreating people or even kill them, but they are forced into a corner of protection, much like a dog would be. That dog learns to protect themself and come out fighting when those they encounter are fighting against them. Basically, it’s a learned behavior. If people would learn respect towards law enforcement , then 99.9% of Law enforcement would have respect towards them."

I really hope I am not the only one? What the_? Are you having mental health issues tnchill?


These peaceful protesters are to be commended for standing up to demand that there be equal justice of the law for everyone, regardless the color of their skin. Unfortunately, in law enforcement there are a few bad apples that deem themselves to be judge, jury and executioner of American citizens for no other reason than their color of their skin. What's even more disturbing and should alarm every American is the use of our military forces against American civilians by republican President Donald Trump at Lafeyette Park and how he bragged about it. That abuse of power combined with Trump asking the Supreme Court for immunity of any prior and current criminal acts he committed, the attacks on the free press, and the destruction of the checks and balances, make it perfectly clear that Donald Trump wants to be an authoritarian Fascist Dictator....and unfortunately he has the backing of the republican party.

Lee Bertay

Your peaceful protestors are occupying a sector of Seattle

against our country right now with scary rifles. You should

run up there and wave your cane around shouting Maoist



Only in America can you find right wing Fascist republicans that are intent to keeping other American citizens under submission. Glad to see NASCAR prohibiting flying the Confederate flag in their grounds, and also the taking down of confederate statues by cities and colleges. As Gen. Petreaus, said "why honor traitors" whose purpose was to keep black people under submission. Over 1,200 ex-DOJ officals signed a letter asking DOJ Inspector General to investigate republican DOJ's Bill Barr's abuse of power in ordering military troop's use of force on American civilians. Apperantly Trump and his Trumpanzees are intent on destroying american Democracy and putting in a Fascist government.

Lee Bertay

The latest chapter in our Cultural Revolution, right?

Every nation defends it's national culture and interests

from subversion and sabotage waged by pathogens like

the demrat party and their PLA allies.

Lee Bertay

Oh! And your demrats have to smear and take out Barr soon or

the shoe is going to drop with his joint report on The Russian

Nonsense (multimillion dollars wasted by this attempt) and some

prominent demrats are nervous about their media propaganda

being able to cover for them this time.


demrat is probably really clever in your mind, isn't it? how come you right wingers are always such awful, mean spirited people? Is it because your "news" talks you into it, or are you just naturally all really horrible people?


There you go again Al, just can't get past ripping on Trump, give it up man. I guess the America you like is the one that makes Floyd a hero yet Officer Dorn, who was a peaceful loving kind father and grandfather got killed while people stood by and watched, yet not a word is said about this true HERO. I am in no way condoning what that cop did to Floyd, he should be very seriously punished, probably the death sentence, but for Democrats to completely ignore Dorn is messed up man. That is not the America we know.


Jordan, Floyd is a not a hero, he is the catalyst, he is the victim of murder by cop, the straw that finally broke the camel's back and set in motion protests by Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, politicans, law enforcement, women, men, kids, grandfathers, Grandmothers, people of all kind that are tired of seeing the unjustified use of deadly force by police to kill mostly Black men. Jordan the reason I hate Trump is because he is an accused child molester, sexual predator, pathological Liar, traitor,racist, swindler, Blamer in chief, divider in chief, and incompetent at everything he does. He has yet to feel empathy for the families of Black men that are unjustly killed by policemen or even admit that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Jordan, are free to post about whoever you want, like Dorm, all you want. You are free to defend Trump's action's against veterans, our country, against women, the media, the country's intelligence services, against minorities, against the judical system, the Checks and Balances that only shows where you values and principles are.


Your type wouldn't care about David Dorn if you couldn't use him as a token to "prove" you aren't a bunch of racists. Pretend you think he's a hero so you can show us all how not racist you all are. But meanwhile, you and the rest of your kind are denying the rights of all of the black people who continually get wiped out by cops because there's no consequence for it. There's no consequence for the corrupt cops our sheriff's department has, either. Try filing a complaint when one of them assaults you and see where it goes. Because I can tell you from experience, it goes nowhere. And I'm not a criminal despite the way I've been treated here. Despite what you'd want to believe about someone who has been basically attacked by the cops. We don't usually have it coming. You are living in a dream world if you think we all brought that on ourselves.


Al you have been "accusing" Trump for three and a half years and Democrats still cant come up with anything. You're not even worth our time arguing with. I cant believe a leftist like you is giving me a lecture on morals, unbelievable. Have a good night and get ready for four more years of trying to smear a person's name.


Unfortunately, I find most liberals are emotion driven rather than fact gathering. If you knew history, you would know that the democratic party was the party fostering and wanting to keep slavery. The Republicans were the abolishionists. Take a look around, the cities with most poverty are governed by democrats due to their failed liberal policies-San Francisco, NY, Minneapolis. Liberals want to keep power, so they use racism to conduct racial warfare, weaken the system and make it appear they are the knights in shining armor for minorities, when in fact they give them just enough to keep them oppressed. Did you know that it has been shown that children with fathers in the home have a higher success rate in life than those without. 73% of black children are being raised by a single parent (mother) household. Each individual needs to assume personal responsibility for their lives and not look outside for excuses. Did you know that in 2019, 10 unarmed black men were killed by white cops, but 25 white men were killed by white cops! What we have witnessed this past month goes beyond race, politics. There is an all out push to overthrow our democracy and implement communism. They have duped so many good people by appealing to their emotions, when in fact they don't give a damned about black lives nor any life for that matter. Did you know that the co-founder of BLM has stated she is a trained marxist. So, while the country dithers in PC and perceived injustice, they are preparing to take away your liberties. Wake up and educate yourselves. A vote for a democrat is UN American.

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