PTLS P&Z reviews RVP Zoning

Reviewing the RVP Zoning District chapter line by line to consider possible changes that might benefit the RV Park and residents, Vice Chairman John Salskov led commissioners in a discussion at the March 11 P&Z meeting.

PINETOP-LAKESIDE – Following an information meeting for the public on Feb. 25 regarding the new request by GJR Properties, LLC to rezone 6.2 acres on Hwy. 260 from Rural Residential (R-Low) to Recreational Vehicle Park (RVP), the Planning and Zoning Commission entertained a line by line preview of the town’s zoning rules regarding RVP zoning on March 11. Only a few recommendations were made.

Community Development Director Cody Blake began the action item by telling commissioners that the issue regarding the 6.2 acres for RVP rezone is scheduled to come back to them for action on March 25 and then it will move on to the council’s agenda for their April 15 meeting.

“We thought it might be good to do a preliminary review of the chapter and possibly make changes,” said Blake.

Blake invited the commissioners to address the RVP chapter (Chapter 17.56) so they could familiarize themselves with the RVP sections before their scheduled meeting for the rezone. He suggested they handle their review as they normally do when reviewing zone chapters, and possibly consider if there are any changes that would be a benefit to the RV park or to the residents of the town.

The commissioners normally go section by section, have discussion and then come to an agreement on any changes they consider necessary.

With Chairman Adam Staley absent, Vice Chairman John Salskov led the commissioners through each section which included uses permitted; site plan approval required; streets; detached accessory buildings and private use accessory buildings.

The purpose states, “The principal purpose of this zoning district is to provide seasonal or permanent housing where residence is exclusively in recreational vehicle use, taking into consideration existing conditions, including present use of land, future land use needs and the availability of infrastructure.”

Questions arose regarding a seasonal versus a permanent RV park, and time limits for park renters. Blake acknowledged that those questions actually related back to stipulations that were a part of the first RVP request for the 25.2 acres on Vallery Lane which began in October 2019 by BC2. Planning and zoning made recommendations and council approved the rezone on June 18, 2020 with those or similar stipulations such as a nine month occupancy time limit and no skirting, out buildings or storage sheds.

Blake said a site plan approval is required for any proposed RV park along with some additional requirements which are usually left to the developers. Things like time limits are proprietor based and then come to planning and zoning for approval.

The question of whether or not a time limit could be enforced or not was discussed and Blake affirmed that should someone overstay the time limit, the park would have such a record and the code enforcer would be able to act on it.

Set backs, entrance/exit, roadways and distance between lots were discussed and with the many queries over these sections, Salskov suggested that perhaps a diagram would better illustrate the meaning and the wording could be restructured for greater clarity.

Commissioner David Orris brought up the wall or barrier which he said was a big issue raised at the informational meeting. He said he wanted to be sure it was addressed on behalf of those who expressed their concerns.

Orris asked if the barrier should be raised due to people’s concerns over RV air conditioner noise and lights.

Blake referred to the wording in the chapter which states, “The RV Park shall be screened from adjoining lots or parcels, not in RV park use, by a solid fence or wall of not less than four feet in height nor more than six feet in height. The screening fence or wall shall be constructed within six months from date of approval of the RV park plans.”

Blake highlighted the word solid and commissioners agreed to leave it as written.

Following the commissioners review of the sections, and at Salskov’s request, Rob Ingels had held his comments for call to the public until the end.

Ingels said that he had previously made a request that a review of the RVP zoning be a future agenda item and that it being done now is time appropriate.

Ingels commented on storage in that when storage came up at the council meeting for the previous RVP zoning that some on the council indicated they were not in favor of storage.

Ingels said he had reviewed some other communities and found they had adopted the National Fire Code from 2017.

“Their specifications are clear and would be an improvement safety feature for those of us in the community. There is more up front in design or protecting the community which would be good to have in the RV park,” said Ingels.

Blake said they have a Fire-Wise code which the RV park must comply with and that any new development must be fire wise.

Ingels commented on the 30% meaningful Open Space with regard to the town code and Blake stated that the developer will be required to get an arborist to come in and look at every tree.

Commenting on the four foot barrier, Ingels said he believes it is minimal and that a design review with some landscaping with trees in front of the barrier would help the sound and light situation and offer some quality buffering for negative impact.

In closing Blake advised council the recommended changes will be made and brought back to them at a future date for formal action and recommendation to the town council.

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Barbara Bruce is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering arts and entertainment on the Mountain and the Pinetop-Lakeside town government.

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PTLS should just say no to trashy developments, the Town is borderline tacky-tack as it is. Sorry, but truth to power.

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