PTLS planning and zoning looks at RVP zoning district

Cody Blake

PINETOP-LAKESIDE — Having just held an information meeting for the public on Feb. 25 regarding the new request by GJR Properties, LLC on a rezone from Rural Residential (R-Low) to Recreational Vehicle Park (RVP) for 6.2 acres on Highway 260/White Mountain Boulevard, the town is now asking planning and zoning to review, discuss and possibly take action on RVP zoning as a whole at its March 11 meeting.

Relating back to the concerns repeatedly expressed by community members last year over the 25.5 acres off of Vallery Lane regarding RVP zoning, many of those concerns still exist.

Though Community Development Director Cody Blake went through great lengths to address each concern brought to his attention regarding RVP zoning when the 25.5 acres came before council on June 18, 2020, issues still linger for residents and even land developers.

The town did approve the rezone of the 25.2 acres from Open Space (OS) to RVP at the June 18 council meeting, but immediately a Citizens for Quality Development Committee began working toward a referendum to repeal the decision.

With the appropriate number of signatures gathered and vetted, a mail-in ballot was planned for January. Before that could occur, owner of the 25.5 acres, Brett Cote, said he had consulted with his attorney and decided to ask the council to repeal the decision. Council approved the repeal on Aug. 20.

Blake told the Independent that due to community questions and comments and requests for RVP rezoning, the town thought it would be a good idea for the planning and zoning commission to take a look at the RVP zoning district and see if there is any changes that need to be made.

The RVP zoning district is Chapter 17.56.

The 6.2-acre request for RVP zoning is set to come before the commission for hearing on March 25. The March 11 meeting is a regular planning and zoning meeting that could affect decisions to be made for future RVP zoning.

The RVP Zoning District issue is not the only item on the agenda. A public hearing for a conditional use permit issue is also on the agenda.

The March 11 meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the council chambers. Due to COVID-19 the meeting is limited to 24 persons and masks are required.

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Barbara Bruce is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering arts and entertainment on the Mountain and the Pinetop-Lakeside town government.

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