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In 2017, some area residents filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission for reportedly extended and unresolved internet speed and connectivity issues.

WHITE MOUNTAINS — Frontier Communications Corp. which provide telecom services in 29 states, including in the White Mountains, plans to file for bankruptcy protection, according to a Jan. 16 report by

Frontier is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, and hired a new chief executive officer in December — one Bernie Han. Han reportedly met with creditors and advisors to try to do something about a $356 million debt payment Frontier owes, which becomes due on March 15. That’s a fraction of the reported $17.5 billion debt load the company is carrying, some of which is believed to be in connection with its land-line telephone operation which many customers do not use anymore, according to the report.

A bankruptcy filing under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code typically allows a company to continue operating with out interruption, as it reorganizes its affairs. Creditors have reportedly been pressuring Frontier for a restructuring plan.

Javier Mendoza, a spokesman for Frontier, said the company’s goal is improved customer service.

“Frontier’s business and operations are solid and serving our customers remains our top priority. As we have said publicly, Frontier is evaluating its capital structure with an eye to reducing debt and interest expense so as to be able to better serve our customers. Our customers should expect no changes as we remain focused on providing quality communications services,” he stated in an email to the Independent.

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How many phone companies have we had up here over the decades? Frontier has certainly been the worst. Bankruptcy sounds like a logical consequence for their poor business practices. I am one of many who found alternatives to their phone and internet services because their service was so terrible. On the other hand I wish to thank the many employees up here who tried to do the best they could with what little corporate support they had.


I am just wondering how much tax money was given to this company just to get them to provide "service" to everywhere they "service"? Just another reason NOT to provide tax dollars to private companies/corporations for PRIVATE business.


This is what happens when money is not reinvested back into a company. The services rendered were not worth the premiums paid. The main office on Hall street even admitted that they oversold their services. They were not taking anymore new customers. Living in Taylor, where their service was spotty at best, I finally went to a local provider......problem solved.

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