But never forgotten.

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Rogers is crazy as a squirrel after a long hard winter.


She is a lunatic! Trump is responsible for all the Covid deaths ... Squirrels are not crazy they are pretty smart actually but I do actually agree with you pioneer.. Be safe.


How is Trump responsible for all Covid deaths?


Apparently you haven’t watched the news for the last year? Maybe you were getting bleach treatments intravenously per your great leader and you weren’t able to see clearly. Intravenous bleach will do that to a person.


Trump ignored warnings in January of last year and he was recorded as knowing the virus was airborne in February but he forgot to tell us, instead he told us it was a Hoax and belittled people for wearing masks, for starters.


Rogers wants to name 260 in honor of Trump a Fascist, a self admitted sexual predator,a pathological liar,a busines swindler,a racist,a misogynist, a demagogue, and now add to the list, a traitor who perpetrated an attack on the United States Constitution and the United States government it established.


I like people who weren't impeached twice. I like people who didn't lose the popular vote twice.


Why does the very first word of this article reflect a bias of the entire newspaper against Trump. Trump is not GONE. Trump will never be forgotten. Naming Highway 260 after him is a wonderful idea.


Unfortunately, you may be right that Trump will never be forgotten, but not for the reasons you think. The majority of Americans are glad that at least for now he IS GONE.


Seriously??? No.


No Way, the costs of replacing damaged or shot-up Trump Highway signs would be totally prohibitive.


Best reply ever!!



Bob Smith

Crazy got her elected over a well-loved local. Crazy beat out a traditional Republican conservative. Crazy is what appeals to enough voters in this district to elect a carpetbagger whose only interest is higher office. Sylva embraced Trump and the result was brainwashed constituents. She has no one to blame but herself. With any luck the UFO'S will return and take Wendy back to the fictional world she came from...maybe take Walt while they're at it.


How about we rename the Salt River Landfill to the "Memorial Donald J. Trump Dump"? The ancillary business could be the "Wendy Rogers Refuse Recycling Facility."


How about the bridge that will be built over the Tonto Basin? That already has Trump's name on it. "The Bridge for Stupid People". I knew Rogers would be another carnival side show.

Not Donald Trump

It's time for Rogers and her Republican lemmings to stop sucking up to Trump and get over it. He got elected, went down in flames and proved himself to be the worst president in history. Just go away, please. Now.


Trump is a loser in more ways than one. Why would we embarrass Arizona at all by naming anything after him much less a major highway? AZ voted "blue" in the presidential election. Get over it. He has done nothing to make me proud of his administration. The man is demented, self centered and doesn't care a fig for anyone but himself. Time to write our councilmen, senator and governor to protest any such idea.


My goodness.............TDS is still alive and well in these comments. People, people, people, he is no longer President. Blaming him for everything STILL.....now that is crazy thinking.


byecall: That doesn't mean we need to name anything after that corrupt, incompetent loser. Except, like I suggested earlier, maybe a trash dump.


As I said, it amazes me how so many liberals still get allow themselves to be triggered by one person. The White Mountain communities are very conservative. The valley not so much.


We blame him for the screwed up response to Covid


The only thing crazier than this lady is the possibility that our politicians would do this! Not so fun fact: this ex-prez is responsible for the death of people during the insurrection and he betrayed his country. Maybe Rogers should actually think about doing her job that our taxes pay her to do!


Wendy is one sandwich short of a picnic.




Anyone that would want to degrade highway 260 by naming it after Trump would have to be intellectually challenged, informationally deprived and not have the sense that God gave an animal cracker.


Pioneer family how does your snarky stupid reply answer an honest question. Read carefully.... how is Trump responsible for ALL covid deaths.


From day one,he said it was A hoax!!!!!


Not all, just half. Does that make him your hero?


He ignored warnings in January, he said he knew better than the medical scientists, he sent 18 tons of PDP to China when it was needed the most by our doctors and nurses, he refused to use the federal government to help states fight Covid-19, he was an advocate for not wearing a mask, and he lied about everything. That gave him the name Captain Clorox.


Congratulations, Wendy! Your "peeps" in the Oath Keepers are being rounded up and indicted on conspiracy charges. Nice company you keep!

U.S. alleges wider Oath Keepers conspiracy, adds more charges in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

"A 21-page indictment alleged that the defendants “did knowingly combine, conspire, confederate, and agree with each other and others known and unknown” to force entry to the Capitol and obstruct Congress from certifying the election of Joe Biden as president in riots that led to five deaths and assaults on 139 police."

- Washington Post, Feb. 19, 2021


Maybe, "The Donald J. Trump Insurrectionist Highway."


If named for Trump, it should be the "Wrongway Highway"!

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