Dr. Kevin Eagar

Dr. Kevin Eagar

ST JOHNS — Round Valley chiropractor Kevin Martin Eagar, 38, has finally made it through the early stages of his multi-count criminal case.

It started in January when the Apache County Attorney’s Office charged him with 22 counts, alleging that he secretly watched and recorded women at his office in various states of undress using the bathroom. Eagar allegedly admitted to Eagar police that he obtained sexual gratification in viewing women in those circumstances.

His preliminary hearing (the procedure at which a judge determines if the government has probable cause to bring the charges) was set for March 10 in the Round Valley Justice Court but the state kept filing new charges as their investigation went on.

For example, on March 17, the state filed an amended complaint alleging 62 charges; on June 16 they filed yet a third one. Finally, on June 26, the fourth complaint was filed charging Eagar with 198 counts including surreptitiously photographing or videotaping, voyeurism, sexual abuse, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, unlawfully practicing medicine without a license and forgery — all felonies. He pleaded not guilty on all the charges in the Apache County Superior Court on July 22. Eagar is presumed by law to be not guilty.

In Arizona, forgery happens when someone “Falsely makes, completes or alters a written instrument” with the intent to defraud. In this case, the state alleges that Eagar altered medical records.

The practicing medicine without a license allegations are puzzling. Those charges arise from alleged actions by Eagar from “early 2015 to December 9, 2016,” reads the complaint, but Eagar was a licensed chiropractor then. It’s possible that the state believes he was conducting procedures on patients that are outside the bounds of specific chiropractic care; it’s unclear at this stage, but will become known as the case moves forward. On March 8 of this year he voluntarily agreed to a suspension of his license pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Eagar has been in the Apache County jail since January on a $500,000 bond. He hired an attorney from Flagstaff who has since asked the court to move the case out of Apache County. The Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure allow for a change of venue if a defendant can’t get a fair trial in the court the case is pending in. In his August 8 motion, Adam Zickerman of the Zickerman Law Office, PLLC, cites negative pre-trial publicity as a reason; specifically, a January 29 article in The Independent which relays a police request for “the pubic to contact them with any additional information.” As of this writing, the state’s response has not been filed yet.

A case management conference was scheduled for Aug. 19.

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I’m skeptical of these multiple charges. It sounds like they are piling up charges to flex their muscles and prove guilt because they found a way to charge so many things. If there was a wrong committed just file a set of reasonable charges on that. Don’t try to make things up that are a stretch at best. The prosecuting attorneys office knows that having that charge will hurt his chances of running a successful practice in the future even if he is found innocent. Not happy with how the justice system behaves criminally as if the ends justify the means.

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