Suspect in murder on the run after shootout with police

Gabriel Jaramillo

It has been confirmed that the Gila County Sheriff's department has Gabriel Jaramillo in police custody. Jaramillo was reportedly seen by boaters at Lake Roosevelt. Jaramillo was in the water when deputies arrived and a boat was sent to intercept him. Jaramillo tried to escape but was injured and weak and was taken in for medical treatment for possible gunshot wounds and other injuries.

Jaramillo is a suspect in a possible murder in the Round Valley area. Last week Jaramillo led officers on a high speed chase near Lake Roosevelt where he escaped on foot. 

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Steven is our half brother and we would like to contact his Mother, Faye to express our sorrow and love for her in her time of grieving. We would be extremely grateful to anyone that could assist us. My email is:
Thank you in advance for your help.


I grew up with Steve and am trying to contact her. If I get any information I will forward it to you.


Thank you

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