With White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirming on Tuesday that the Biden administration has been quietly flying underage illegal immigrants from the border to New York in the dead of night in response to a bombshell report from the New York Post claiming same, some White Mountain residents have been contacting the local airport recently to express concern that immigrants are being flown into Show Low airport in the middle of the night.

Jake Allen, manager of Show Low Regional Airport, says that no undocumented immigrants are being flown into Show Low under the cover of darkness, despite rumors going around to the contrary.

“We got a call yesterday also asking about this,” Allen said. “We’ve gotten some calls from people who heard that immigrants were being flown into Show Low and that’s just not the case. We got C-17s flying over on standard training flights recently, and that may have been what has prompted the rumors. But it just isn’t true that they’re flying immigrants into Show Low.”

The C-17 serves as the U.S. Air Force’s primary strategic lift aircraft for global transport of troops and equipment, according to www.military.com.

The aircraft is currently flown out of California, Delaware, Washington, Charleston and Lakehurst, N.J. by Air Mobility Command. The Air National Guard flies the aircraft from Mississippi, New York, California, Alaska and Hawaii, with the Air Force Reserve Command operating the planes from California, Oklahoma and Ohio.

Becky Knapp is a lifelong journalist who has worked at newspapers in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Florida. Reach the reporter at bknapp@wmicentral.com

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Wonderful job on going to the source to clear up misinformation.

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