Sylvia Allen

Sylvia Allen was a panel member at a recent forest health conference.

ARIZONA — A Maricopa Superior Court judge last week threw out a challenge to State Sen. Sylvia Allen’s nominating petition signatures, assuring her of a place on the August Republican primary ballot.

“I am excited to get back to campaigning for reelection to the state Senate,” said Allen in a prepared statement. “This type of desperate behavior from my opponent early on will be indicative of the campaign. Wendy Rogers, who lives in Tempe, is known for dirty campaigning and is still facing a defamation lawsuit from her last election.”

The Rogers campaign did not return comments requested by email.

William Chachkes, a Yavapai County gun rights activist and former teacher, asked a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to throw out about half of Allen’s 900 signatures, claiming various inconsistencies in the names, addresses and signatures.

However, the judge ruled Allen had more than the 484 signatures she needed to make it onto the August primary ballot in her quest for re-election.

Retired Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers is seeking to wrest the nomination away from Allen.

Allen has served in the legislature since 2008, with a stint on the Navajo County Board of Supervisors she hit her term limit. After sitting out a term, she returned to the legislature.

Rogers, who operates a business in Tempe, won the Republican nomination to run against Democrat Tom O’Halleran in the 1st Congressional District in 2018. She won in a crowded Republican field, marked by controversy. Republican candidate Steve Smith called on her to apologize and drop out of the race when she suggested in ads and on a website that he worked with a modeling agency linked to sex trafficking. Rogers refused and attacked Smith for insufficient loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Although Trump received more votes in CD1 than Democrat Hillary Clinton, O’Halleran not only won the seat in that election but defeated Rogers in the general election in 2018.

Rogers filed to run against Allen for the District 6 state senate seat, which stretches from Flagstaff through Rim County and the White Mountains all the way to the New Mexico Border.

Democrat Felica French, a retired Army colonel who lives in Pine, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. French served 32 years in the military. She flew MedEvac helicopters during the cold War in Germany, served as an Army nurse on humanitarian missions in Honduras and the Dominican Republic and as a senior medical advisor in Afghanistan. She has campaigned for more support for the state’s public schools, investment in public health and more sustainable environmental policies. She has a graduate degree in sustainability from the University of Arizona. French took time off from campaigning to hike the 800-mile Arizona trail. She ran for the House seat in District 6, but lost narrowly to Rep. Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff).

Rogers’ campaign has savaged Democrats generally, but barely mentioned either Allen or French. Her most recent release said she had raised $425,000, including 1,661 donations of less than $100 and 933 donations from Arizona residents. She’s a fifth-generation military officer and one of the first 100 women pilots in the Air Force. In her 20-year military career, she flew C-21 Learjets as well as C-141 transport jets.

“I am so very thankful for the small-dollar donors who are passionate about my campaign. They understand they are getting a conservative fighter who cannot be bought by lobbyists and PACs…I believe in limited government, individual liberty, securing our border, protecting our rights and protecting life.”

Most of her releases have blasted “the socialist democrats who can’t overcome their hatred of President Trump and do not want America to succeed, even in a crisis that requires us to unite.”

She said Democrats are more interested in funding sex change operations and abortions than in enacting relief measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an apparent reference to disputes about whether abortions and sex change operations would be considered elective surgery suspended to keep hospital beds free for COVID-19 patients.

“The Democrats right now hate America,” she wrote in a fundraising letter.

Sen. Allen heads the state senate education committee and has a voting record as one of the most conservative lawmakers. The Snowflake Republican has staunchly advocated school choice, including vouchers for private and religious schools. She has also supported state control of federal lands, broad elements of the sagebrush rebellion against federal authority over public lands in the west, the expansion and public funding of charter schools, gun rights and a host of other traditionally conservative issues – making her a tough target for an attack from the right.

Allen has rarely personalized her differences with political opponents, running almost exclusively issues-based campaigns, but she criticized Rogers attacks – and the filing of the lawsuit challenging her signatures. Ironically, a supporter of Sen. Allen in 2018 knocked then Rep. Brenda Barton off the ballot due to problems with her nomination petition signatures.

However, in the wake of the unsuccessful lawsuit Sen. Allen criticized Rogers’ “dirty campaigning” and attempt to claim residence in the district. Allen is the descendent of a pioneering, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ranching family, with a host of grandchildren living in the district.

“I am grateful to all the residents of legislative district 6 who took the time to sign my petition. The support you’ve shown over the years is the reason why I love being your Senator,” said Allen. “This campaign will be about the unique issues in rural Arizona. I will continue to champion important rural issues like protecting our water, forest health, agriculture, and rural jobs. My commitment to rural Arizona and the people of legislative district 6 will never waiver.”

Peter Aleshire covers county government and other topics for the Independent. He is the former editor of the Payson Roundup. Reach him at

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Settle this with a mud wrestling match!!


I find it very troubling your article on the AZ senate race. You have totally mis characterized Col Wendy Rogers. She is a highly ethical person who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Apparently Ms Allen and the newspaper has a problem with that. We need many more Wendy Rogers to bring our state and nation into accountability


Her Mormon Church history and Mormon family, have taught Sylvia Allen well: lie, cheat and steal, from anyone who isn’t Mormon and destroy them if at all possible, for the power this gives you (you’re’re entitled)! The Mormons in Cordes Jct lives the same way Sylvia Allen does and a Mormon genealogical search would verify that their “all in the family!” A Veteran, Patriot and Intelligent Col Rogers Supporter-Eric Frizzell


Sylvia does nothing but negative campaigning and then complains about others with negative remarks; negativity and projection almost ALWAYS means you have something to hide or are not honest, and Sylvia has demonstrated that she is not an honest politician. Wendy has worked so hard and does not demean others and has worked hard to do things by law, including collecting far more signatures than required and personally visiting her constituents over the last year. Wendy's lawsuit is over with and Sylvia still brings it up, why is that? What does that tell you about someone who does not speak the truth? Decide for yourselves.


How could any judge drop this case ? Allen had convicted felons attaining signatures DOES she understand the law regarding collecting signatures ?? I use to be a signer for the sec of the state and we had to go thru major background checks ...IMO WHAT was this judge promised from Allen?

Drake Mitchell

The Judge did not drop the case. Just not enough signatures to drop Allen from the race. It is my understanding that Sen Allen admitted to knowingly signing sheets of signatures and attesting, under oath that they where correctly collected. So to me that means she admitted to making a false statement under oath. Do I have that right>


Is the judge part of the brotherhood?


Wendy lives in Flagstaff. Wendy was the 2019 FLAGSTAFF VFW's VETERAN OF THE YEAR. It is her primary residence. She votes in Flagstaff. Her VFW is in Flagstaff. Her VA clinic is in Flagstaff. She is a GOP state precinct committeewoman from Flagstaff.

I can confirm all of this as I have spoken with Wendy and know her well. She is an honest person and does in fact live in Flagstaff near me. She was, is and will be the best candidate for Arizona!

Drake Mitchell

Gee do you think the Coconino County GOP would know where she lives if she is an elected committeeman? Yes, I think they would. Perhaps Sylvia should stop lying and stick to the issues. Issues like falsely attesting, under oath, that her signatures where collected correctly. She can't seem to tell the truth from the lie's.


Hey-Sylvia Allen: How many of your back-channel deals with charter schools include promoting and paying for homosexual, lesbian and/or transgender, rights and sex changes, within the confines of the charter school, knowing your Mormon Church history of mischaracterizing and abusing polygamy, gay rights, sex changes, in the Mormon Church? A Veteran, Patriot and Staunch Col Rogers Supporter-Eric Frizzell


Allen mentions in other articles and this article that Rogers lives in Tempe. Rogers has kept her house in Tempe to visit kids and grand kids, and lives in FlagstaffWendy lives in Flagstaff. Wendy was the 2019 FLAGSTAFF VFW's VETERAN OF THE YEAR. It is her primary residence. She votes in Flagstaff. Her VFW is in Flagstaff. Her VA clinic is in Flagstaff. She is a GOP state precinct committeewoman from Flagstaff. So according to ALLEN , you can not have any other homes ??? Most people who live in AZ will keep there home in the valley and move to a different climate . I for one, was one of those people

Drake Mitchell

I have property in another state, so does that mean I don't live in Arizona? This is old mud that just does not stick. Notice Allen does not state one ISSUE just attacks and platitudes. Even the paper starts out saying that Col. Rogers has not even mentioned Sen Allen. Why would she? She has almost 10 times the donations if you take out the PAC's donations that Allen can't live without. Just look at the money reports. That says it all for me. Allen, Family and PAC money. Rogers, Zero PAC and mostly donation's under $100 bucks. Allen is showing us what someone does when they are desperate and going to loose badly. After how she treated Brenda Barton in 2018 and Bob Thorpe in 2020, it is just Karma coming back to her.


Sylvia is a tax hiker. She has been advocating for raising taxes for years. This is bad news for any state or city. Because of what is happening in our country right now, taxes are illegal. The Federal Reserve is illegal. Sylvia is wrong about taxes, to put it nicely.


We will just vote her away then.

Stacey Thompson

Rogers is a resident of Flagstaff not Tempe. She has two homes in AZ like so many residents of AZ. She was the VFW’s 2019 Veteran of the Year! She is well known by Flagstaff residents and is a State Precinct Committeewoman for Flagstaff.

Bob Smith

Go Felicia!!


Not mentioned here is that Allen admitted, under oath, that she fraudulently signed an affidavit as to the circulator of a petition. Wait, though, as she repeatedly said, “it was a mistake, judge.” What Dr. Bill Chachkes did to get her on record as a liar is priceless and a big win! The truth is out, Sylvia is a liar.

All political parties are screaming for better education. Have you gotten it with Allen? No! It’s only gotten worse.

Let’s be very clear about one thing. It is we, the CONSTITUTIONAL constituents in LD6 who are seeking to unseat Sylvia Allen. We have chosen Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers for that task. Wendy isn’t a liar, as Sylvia would have you believe. Wendy has honorably served our nation for over twenty years. You don’t do that by being a liar and signing illegal affidavits. By the way, did you know Wendy has met all of those people who signed her petitions? Every one of the signatures she collected, she did by personally going door to door to meet her constituents. I know that I know that I know, not many of you have ever met Sylvia Allen, let alone invited her to come in and have a coke or a glass of water. Don’t be fooled by the arrogant Sylvia Allen! Cut her run short and send her back to the porch.


Retired Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers is a true American warrior worth supporting ... as a retired USN officer, once having the privilege of working with her side-by-side, my vote is for her ... honesty, transparency, truthfulness ... THAT is Wendy Rogers ...

Allen must of promised the judge something in return for allowing her to still be in the race. Talk about a "dirty" campaign! Sylvia wrote the book on dirty campaiging. Rules are there to combat dirty tactics like this, Ms. Allen. I know Wendy personally. She has refused to attend political fund raising meetings because when a politition does, one ends up compromising their values and ethics just to win a political race. Allen consistently says one thing and does another. The people of who she says she "serves" have been let down many of times by her empty promises. For example, news stations documented a few years back, how she didn't show up to a town meeting that featured her appearance. She had no comment and acted like it wasn't a big deal and was mad because it was a big deal to the town's people--they were furious because of the no show. Wendy has walked from door to door personally to meet the people and listen intently to their needs and issues concerning their community; their reaction to Wendy's visits have been overwhelmingly positive. This means she has actually spent the time with the people which Wendy will serve. Again, unlike Sylvia who doesn't even know anyones needs in her district--actions speak louder than words Ms. Allen. Also Wendy has never used her religious veiws to try and sway the people of her district-a very cheap left handed stab at Wendy and any political game! Who cares if your family has been in this areas for generations; that actually is why we need "new blood". We need someone who isn't apart of the "Good Ole Boys Club". The Good Ole Boys Club is part of the problem and NOT the solution. That means Ms. Allen, you should not be elected! You have had "your time" in office--and "by your fruits...we know you". I don't like what I see.


Q says what they accuse others of doing that is what they are doing.


It is a SAD, SAD, day to learn we are cursed by our elected representatives practice of deceit including falsifying affidavit signatures on petitions which Senator Sylvia Allen LD-6 did, knowingly, to get on this years ballot. Her unfathomable comments saying it was just "inconvenient" to have to be held accountable..... tells us everything we need to know about Senator Sylvia Allen's 12 year career in elected politics, which has been fraught with deceit and lies...… She's been caught numerous times..... this should be the last and final nail in her socialist Republican agenda !!!!

Karen MacKean-Slaton

Citizen Patriot

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