Sheriff’s volunteers giving back

Sheriff's Auxiliary volunteers (from left) Efrain Quihuis, former President; Dan Cooper, H/O Unit Director; and Rene Zamorano, Unit Vice-Director present a check for $1,000 to Pam Harris, Heber-Overgaard Eagles Organization Nurse and Organizer. The money will be used to purchase toys for the Eagle's Children's Christmas Party Dec. 15

WHITE MOUNTAINS — “Last summer, information was placed in the local news about the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers titled “Who Are They?”

Now, it’s time to explain just how much importance they give to the work of charity.

Various funds are donated to the ‘SAVs’ throughout the year. Most of the donations are received when they help with requested services. Large events are the 4th of July parades, events held in community parks such as Craft Fairs, helping at the County Fair, and patrolling neighborhoods to maintain a presence in the communities. The requests are for crowd control and safety, parking and traffic control.

Receiving donations from residents for house-watches while the people are away for the winter is a duty that helps security of the county. Generous funds given by the Lion’s Club, Eagles in Heber-Overgaard and the Heber-Overgaard Chamber of Commerce are placed into one general treasury. When needs arise (such as updated radios, safety vests, and such) the corporation votes to utilize amounts to purchase items.

But, this is the time of year the SAVs enjoy the most.They are requested to help with parking at Christmas parties, helping the Camp Ponderosa Ranch Salvation Army Camp with parking, protecting children running through the camp up to the large hall towards Santa! They have contributed to the toy collection, going shopping for toys and clothing to help Santa. This year — they will do much more.

The need grows more and more due to the economy. Therefore, the SAV Corporation voted to donate a check for $1,000 to the Eagles Organization of Heber-Overgaard through organizer, Pam Harris, so they may purchase toys directly this year. This is the Eagle’s Children’s Christmas Party to be held Dec. 15 for all children living in the Heber-Overgaard area, ages 0 to 12. If you wish to contribute needed funds for the Heber/Overgaard Party only, please contact Pam Harris at (928) 240-0050.

Other Units in the Corporation have plans to do the same. The donations are contributed to the recommended groups such as St. Vincent de Paul’s and the Pinetop Fire Department, Catholic Social Services in Holbrook and any group found to be needful. Funds will be given to groups across the mountaintop for their programs of Christmas for children. Contact Steve Burdick, president if you wish to contribute to other local units (928) 537-7338.

And there is more. The SAVs have distributed Thanksgiving dinners last year and this. There will be more food-baskets distributed to recommended families in the county for Christmas as well.

The Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County Corp. is, after all, a non-profit Charitable organization! What they receive — they give to others.

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