SHOW LOW – The Show Low Police Department issued a community-wide alert on Saturday warning the public of a rash of vehicle break-ins throughout the city.

Criminologists have known for decades that with warmer weather comes the an uptick in criminal behavior. If you are out, you can bet that criminals are out as well and they are always on alert for potential opportunities to steal.

There are several simple ways to avoid being an easy target.

Before you walk away from your vehicle, it is always a good idea to make a habit to stop whatever you are doing, whether you are on a phone call, in a text conversation, answering an email or lost in though and make sure all doors are closed and locked.

Police say, if you have an alarm, arm it.

Nationwide statistics show a dramatic rise in vehicle burglaries between April and October, with July being the peak month. Many involve unlocked doors, whether it be vehicle or garage. Locking them is great prevention.

Experts say most of the break-ins are preventable, because over 92% involved unlocked cars.

Statistically, less than 8% of US vehicle break-ins involve a broken window or other forced entry and for good reason.

The sound of a breaking a window has a high likelihood of being heard. A police officer may hear, a car owner may hear, or even a bystander, which would likely draw unwanted attention to exactly the thing a thief wants to hide. It’s very quiet to open a car door and get in that way. The crime will be easily done and over before anyone is the wiser.

Thieves will take anything they see of perceived value and they believe they can easily take — car radios, purses, phones, tablets, wallets, cash, and occasionally even old sneakers and earbuds.

Experts advise that people take their valuables inside and not leave anything in plain view inside the vehicle. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, so never leave anything you are not willing to lose.

Taking a few moments every day to think like a thief could possibly prevent the anguish and frustration of dealing with a theft later.

If you have any information about these break-ins call the Regional Communications Center at (928) 537-4365.

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Show Low has been a bad town but the in rush of free money from government programs really attracted the garbage from larger cities. It's turning into a Phoenix. Hopefully Neighbors start working together and not push each other away.


I am confused by your post MountainMusic. Are you saying that people that use government assistance programs are bad? or are you just an elitist who looks down his nose at those less fortunate than himself? furthermore are you suggesting that neighbors band together to decide who is worthy of living on the mountain?


Mountain Music said NOT push eachother away. The money flowing is most likely being mishandled by corrupt people. Everyone needs to wake up and act like the good people they are. It's here, it's change, it's growth it happens......


d by corrupt and unqualified people. Everyone needs to look around and aware of what's happening and prepare for change. It's here.


It certainly helps to get to know your neighbors and try and form a 'Neighborhood Watch' If you will... and then report...If you something, say something! Let's all learn to be a little kinder and a little blinder to those around us and you'll see good come from it.

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