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The Show Low Police Department recently got a nearly $17,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway safety to help combat speeding and DUI. Part of the money was used to buy new portable DUI breath tests shown here.

The Show Low Police Department got a $16,598 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety that will be used to help stop speeders and take impaired drivers off of the roads.

“The grant will allow officers to enforce speed, criminal speed and aggressive driving laws, as well as purchase two new radar systems and four portable breath test systems for speed and DUI enforcement,” a news release stated. “The financial, criminal and human cost of driving impaired places a heavy burden on all involved. Increased enforcement will take place throughout the grant cycle with the goal to have officers highly visible, aggressively enforcing DUI and speed laws, removing impaired drivers from the roadway and helping to keep our highways safe for travel. ...”

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Now if SLPD would just get out and ticket the idiot drivers. One rarely sees traffic enforcement in town these days.


Anyone interested in SLPD traffic enforcement activity can visit the City of Show Low webpage (http://showlowaz.gov/), scroll to the 'Stay Connected' area and select 'Police Department' on the right side of the page. This will take you to our Facebook presence (https://www.facebook.com/ShowLowPD/) where you can see our weekly activity report (aka, SLPD Weekly Dispatch). :-)


Thank you for the link although the data raises more questions for me. I don't know how many officers SLPD has these days but per your data they made 28 arrests for the week. I am guessing that works out to one arrest or less per officer per week for the department. Tickets written for the week were 126 for maybe 20 patrol officers? That's about 6 tickets per officer per week or barely more than one per shift, that does not sound like lot of enforcement. Please help me understand your data if I am processing it incorrectly.


I object to SLPD employees writing here in an anonymous but official capacity. "slpolice2" and all anonymous officials here especially giving out official phone numbers. Stop this Now!

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