Angela Sadler

Angela Sadler is running for Navajo County Treasurer in the 2020 election.

SNOWFLAKE — Navajo County has an option on the ballot for County Treasurer in the 2020 election. Angela Sadler of Snowflake, has announced her candidacy for Navajo County Treasurer.

Angela comes with a plethora of knowledge and experience. She brings 25 years of experience in accounting, management, secretarial, and budgeting. Angela was the Secretary for the Navajo County Republican Committee from 2014 to 2016, and believes in conservative Republican values. Rep. Walt Blackman said he appreciates Angela for stepping up and giving citizens options on the ballot.

Angela Sadler was born in Chicago, Illinois, and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2000. She is a former corrections officer and is married with 10 children. Angela moved to Navajo County in 2014, and hit the ground, volunteering and helping with the Navajo County Republican Committee, and helping conservative candidates.

Angela’s passion for American values and integrity go a long way. Her campign slogan, “You can count on me” reflects her dependability, honesty, and integrity. Angela is committed to be compliant to the laws, and transparent. She is looking forward to supporting the White Mountain’s financial concerns.

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Nice that someone will be running on the Republican side for a change. Get some new blood in there. Change is a good thing. Nepotism will be gone if she gets into office. Seem also to be well qualified for the elected official position.


I'd prefer to see the position help by someone with more time in the community, but she seems reasonably qualified. (Edited by WMI)

(Edited by staff.)


For a news article, this seems much more like a campaign flyer ("a plethora or experience?")

Did you guys actually write it, or just copy her press release?


The problem I see here with candidate Sadler is that her belief in conservative republican values are in direct conflict with her other belief of American values and integrity and transperancy in government. At present we have a conservative republican party who endorses republican President Trump who is a pathological liar, an admitted sexual predator, a financial swindler con man, a treasonous person who gives out highly classified information to the Russians, and who will not defend our country from cyber attacks by the Russians. Moreover, republican Trump with the blessings of the conservative republican party officials is attempting to turn our democratic-republic form of government from our founders, into a Facist Oligarchy. Mrs. Sadler, can either be a believer in American values or you can be a believer in conservative republican values, but you can't believe in both, they are not the same. The Trump republican party of today is no longer the republican party of Linclon, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt,or Reagan, it has become the party of corruption, greed, and a lack of Christian values even to the point of hurting, imprisoning children, mothers, babies and others who are legally coming to America to be like us.

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