SNOWFLAKE — In this new year Snowflake residents can expect some possible changes, from four-way stops, to an intent to raise the sales tax, to improvements for the water and sewer infrastructure.

These were the main topics of discussion at the regular monthly Snowflake Town Council meeting held on Nov. 2.

Drivers in Snowflake, you need to slow down because a proposal to install four-way stops in town was presented by Snowflake/Taylor Police Chief Robert “Bobby” Martin.

Martin said, “Officers have been patrolling, speed trailers have been placed to try and slow traffic down; a more permanent solution would be to try to break up traffic flow by using four-way stops on certain residential streets.”

Councilman Byron Lewis asked the chief if this would make it safer and make the police department’s job easier and Martin said “yes.”

When Mayor Lynn Johnson asked about looking into speed bumps, Martin said, “the biggest concern has been during winter months, plowing for snow, they are useful, but people often don’t slow down for speed bumps.”

A motion to approve installation of four-way stops in town, as presented was passed by an unanimous vote.

Councilman Richards reported that the town of Taylor established a notice of intent to raise its sales tax from 2% to 3%.

Richards said, “It has been about a year since we had a joint meeting to discuss this, and it is time to start the process.”

He presented numbers from other communities.

Councilman Lewis said, “To be clear, a notice of intent doesn’t raise the tax, it simply notifies the public of a public hearing regarding the intent to raise the tax.”

A motion to approve “Notice of Intent — changes to the tax code and language,” passed unanimously.

This subject was also discussed in the Oct. 26 Work session, with Richards wanting to put the notice of intent on the next council agenda.

One Snowflake resident, Jaymeson Wilcock, has asked for a zoning change, in order to construct a multi-family dwelling. It was reported that proper notice was provided to surrounding parcels and the public. The request was reviewed by town staff and the planning and zoning commission.

This change was considered to be appropriate to the surrounding zoning in the area.

However, the Town Council noted that because the reading was not passed by a majority plus one, the subsequent ordinance approval is not valid and the item will need to be read a second time at the next council meeting, before it can be formally approved.

Snowflake neighbors — are you placing your trash dumpsters in the town’s right of way?

Well, now there’s an ordinance for that.

This issue was brought before the Town Council, which spurred some discussion.

Town manager Joe Jarvis reported to the council that there is a concern that dumpsters are sometimes put in the wrong place, damaging the roads and/or blocking traffic. Councilman Bob Flake asked if the town has had any conversations with the trash companies about this problem.

“Not this in particular,” said Jarvis.

Lewis felt that it would be a good idea to hold the property owner and the waste company both liable.

A motion was made to approve the first reading of Ordinance 2021-11, to define garbage container and nuisances pertaining to garbage containers. It passed unanimously. Then a motion to approve Ordinance 2021-11, was also passed by an unanimous vote.

In the Oct. 26 Work Session Report: The town received $2 million of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds and is hoping to get additional ARPA funds that Navajo County is sharing with communities in the county.

There are restrictions on what the funds can be used for, but the town would like to focus on water/sewer infrastructure to help encourage growth in certain areas.

Also, a project is in the works to clear out and around the bridge on Concho Highway near First Street East, which will hopefully help mitigate some flooding issues.

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