ST. JOHNS — Police Chief Lance Spivey recently said the SJPD joined with the Arizona Child Abduction Response Team (AZCART).

“By joining the AZCART, the St. Johns Police Department will be able to provide a rapid, robust response in partnership with other state, county, city and federal law enforcement agencies and other social service agencies to investigate abducted and endangered missing children cases as well as request these same services should one of our children become an at-risk missing or abducted child,” Spivey said in a press release announcing the SJPD joining with AZCART.

The goal for law enforcement is to always get the best possible outcomes in child abduction-related incidents. When AZCART is called in to assist an agency they do not become the lead agency. Instead they provide resources and expertise to try and get the swiftest and best results.

He went on to say that studies show that for various reasons, the family of a missing child may not call police right away. He said if a child is missing family should call police immediately because the longer the delay the greater chance of a “tragic” outcome.

“So that is why we encourage families to make this call right away for help and why joining AZCART was a priority for the City of St.Johns. The AZCART task force front-loads these types of investigations and is available 24/7 with no cost to the requesting agency,” Spivey said.

AZCART operates at no cost to agencies requesting their help, so it means that if the SJPD ever needs their help, it won’t cost them a dime.

Spivey is of the opinion that the partnership translates to a win/win for everyone.

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Mike Leiby covers police, courts, and the towns of Snowflake and Taylor.

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