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SHOW LOW — Mayor Daryl Seymore ’s State of the City address Tuesday was pragmatic and characterized Show Low as a community with stability that is currently beginning to see some slow, but renewed growth.

The four major priorities of city government, Seymore stated, are to repair and improve infrastructure, focus on economic development, maintain a high quality of life and provide stable leadership.

“Our future plans consistently support this,” he said.

The mayor ticked off a list of road projects, and sewer and water improvements completed over the past year as evidence of the city’s commitment to its priorities.

Of course, the city’s new public safety building was also a highlight of recent developments, along with improved parking and access to the Show Low Bluff Trail and Show Low Creek’s addition to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Community Fishing program.

The planned $80 million addition to the Summit Healthcare campus that is now under construction was also mentioned, as was the daily flight service offered by Boutique Air at the Show Low Airport. He also discussed public works projects planned for the coming year, including sewer and water, streets and sidewalks.

Seymore also praised city employees. “Our city employees dedicate themselves to providing a number of events,” Seymore said, and mentioned the Barbecue Throwdown, July 4th events and the Holiday Lights Parade.

Increasing sales tax revenues and a bump in residential construction were also noted in the speech.

The city’s fiscal health is good, the mayor said.

There are two permanent mandates the council abides by, the mayor said — the city maintains $1 million in reserve, and any tax increase must be approved by a super majority of the council.

“We are committed to using your tax dollars wisely. We never spend more than we’ve budgeted,” Seymore said. “Our policies have allowed Show Low to weather difficult times and show modest growth.”

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Good news for Show Low. Mayor said "repair and improve infrastructure" maybe even have a spare heater for the pool water on hand for the Show Low Family Aquatic center. Seems as if it would make logical sense to have one on hand to keep the facility open for the community.


Mayor Seymore. That was certainly a glowing, "effervescent" report about the state of the city. I'm curious if the city employees feel the same way.

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