Sue's Crew walkers

Walking up White Mountain Boulevard to fight cancer.

SHOW LOW — The eighth annual Sue’s Crew 30-mile walk against cancer started bright and early at 5 a.m. on Saturday, May 15. Walkers trekked uphill in the bright sunshine along a 30-mile course, sharing a common mission and the smiles on their faces said it all. Each clearly felt great knowing they were doing their part to raise cancer awareness and fight for research, treatment and ultimately a cure.

It was truly wonderful to see the determination after the year we’ve all been through,” said Sue’s Crew co-founder Jim Hillbrecht. “People showed up — we had about 160 walkers this year.”

In addition to the walk participants, many volunteers and all-around supporters of the fight against cancer gathered in the parking lot of White Mountain Drywall in the industrial park in Show Low at 1520 E. Commerce Drive to honor Sue Hillebrecht, who lost her battle with breast cancer in August 2010.

Founded in 2012 by the Hillebrecht family, the White Mountain community has embraced and immersed themselves in this impactful event every year, having raised more than $150,000 in donations.

With with the sun barely breaching the horizon, walk participants launched their journey along the Deuce of Clubs/US Highway 60, and then White Mountain Road/SR260 and beyond.

Some participants completed 1-5 miles. Some chose to conquer the halfway mark at 15 miles and 30% actually finished the entire 30-mile goal.

The objective always in sight: raising awareness and raising funds for Summit Healthcare Cancer Center and others.

“This year we were so grateful to be able to donate $8000 to the (Summit Healthcare) Cancer Center and another $3,500 to a family dealing with a cancer diagnosis in Maryland where my daughter lives and leads a walk in honor of her mother,” said Hillebrecht.

Now, the crew’s focus has turned to the Show Low Ford car raffle to benefit the Sue’s Crew cause. Sue’s Crew is selling 300 tickets at $100 apiece. On the raffle block is a 2021 Ford Eco Sport with an approximate value of $22,000. In a previous year, serendipity played her hand, because the car winner’s mother happened to be in dire need of a car, so the winner passed it on.

It is just amazing how things work out,” said Hillebrecht. “Every year, the car brings great things all the way around.”

For more information about Sue’s Crew, call Jim Hillebrecht at 602-717-6746.

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