Unable to confirm identity of Sunrise employee killed Nov. 6

Reggie Antonio, (right), is pictured at Sunrise Ski Resort with Jeannie Ulechong. Although it is not clear when the photo was taken, Antonio’s obituary confirms that he was an employee at Sunrise Ski Resort. He is believed to be the employee that was killed Nov. 6 performing routine maintenance on a ski lift, however, that information has not been confirmed.

GREER — A Sunrise Park Resort employee apparently was killed Nov. 6 while performing job-related duties at the popular White Mountains ski destination.

According to a press release dated Nov. 7 from General Manager Rochelle Lacapa, which was not emailed to The Independent until Nov. 22 after several inquiries for information about the death, “On Monday, November 6, 2017 an accident occurred while performing routine maintenance on a ski lift at the Sunrise Park Resort. This incident tragically took the life of one of our Sunrise Park Resort employees.

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