Suspect in murder on the run after shootout with police

Gabriel Jaramillo

Gabriel Jaramillo is a suspect in a possible murder in Apache County. A body was found near Big Lake late Friday, August 24 by two mushroom hunters. Jaramillo was reportedly driving a stolen truck belonging to a missing man, a Steven Long of Eagar. Long was reported missing on August 21, when he did not show up for work.

Jaramillo was found near the Globe-Miami area driving the stolen vehicle, a 2006 white Toyota Tundra. When local law enforcement officials attempted to pull him over he led police on a high speed chase, reportedly firing on and exchanging shots with the officers several times.

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Excuse me, but how does one commit "murder of a body?"


Ahhhh, now I understand. Thanks.


WOW! I can`t believe it I use to see him around town, him and his girlfriend seemed really nice.W hat went wrong


This is unbelievable, I have known Gabe for many years. I would never have thought he was capable of doing something of this. Gabe give yourself up. You do the crime now you do the time. What a shame I thought he was a good guy. I'm sure he is getting help from someone. He knows alot of people. [sad]


let me get this straight. Jaramillo has a police record in Apache County that includes charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and burglary ......

uh, and he's a free man to commit more crimes?


This guy is accused of killing my best friend from high school, I don't care how nice he seemed, he had a long record of violence and should have never been free to kill a man that had just started living to his full potential. Steve was a great friend and will be missed by all who knew him and grew up with him. Keep his mother in your thoughts, she needs it now.


I'm wondering if I know Steven. Is his mother's name Faye? Thanks


Does anyone know if Steven's mother is named Faye?


Yes that is his mothers name. Steve will be greatly missed.


Steven is our half brother and we would like to contact his Mother, Faye to express our sorrow and love for her in her time of grieving. We would be extremely grateful to anyone that could assist us. My email is:
Thank you in advance for your help.

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