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When you drive by Cole’s Livery, located on the corner of US Highway 260 and Old Highway 160, you might naturally think there will be horses there.

Thirteen years ago Cole and Marla Davis decided to buy a little convenience store in Clay Springs.

They purchased the store on their anniversary date and decided it would be their anniversary gift to one another. When you drive by Cole’s Livery you might naturally think there will be horses there.

Cole says many people come into the store asking where the horses are. There are no horses but you can buy hay for your horses. When the local feed store closed in Clay Springs, Cole realized there was a void and decided to bring in hay for sale. Cole has always had a keen interest in the Old West, and horses and this was his inspiration for naming their store Cole’s Livery. The store is located on the corner of US Highway 260 and Old Highway 160. You will often see a truck of hay in front.

Cole and Marla bought the store with the intent of keeping it as a convenience store. At the time they purchased it, the former owners only had candy bars. Today you can expect to find a wide assortment of candy bars and much more.

As time passed they merged into selling dry goods in bulk; such as 25 and 50 pound bags of wheat, flour, rice, cornmeal and a variety of beans. They have containers for storage and sell grain mills and All American pressure cookers. They sell local honey and their coolers are stocked with milk, butter, eggs, cold drinks, bottled water and ice cream. They order a variety of meats and cheeses and other items from restaurant suppliers.

They have quite a following on seasonal orders of Utah peaches, apples, pears and tomatoes. If you are interested in the Utah peaches you must call in and get your name on the list. Cole says the list is long and often it is necessary to bring in a semi-truck in order fill the orders. If you have not eaten an Utah peach yet, I can tell you from my own experience, they are a luscious tasty treat you will not forget. So don’t forget to call and get your name on the list for this season.

As a young man Cole met Marla through connections through their mission companions in his church and in his words he says “I stole Marla from Leighton, Utah,” they married and he brought her home to Clay Springs to begin their family where he was the third generation of Davis’. In the beginning years of their life together Cole worked as a logger to provide for his family. He said he was drawn for Elk one year and, with the purchase of a 50-pound bag of rice, the family ate well that year. They raised eight children in Clay Springs; all married and moved away today. Cole’s Livery has always been family run with the exception of a couple of good friends helping out when needed.

You might feel you have gone back in time when you enter Cole’s Livery and are warmly greeted by the owners, Cole and Marla Davis. The store has the look and feel of an old General Store from past times. They take time with their customers like explaining the process of how to successfully store foods up to 30 years. Cole explains the importance of using oxygen absorbers in the containers to prevent exposure to oxygen which destroys food. All of these products are available for sale at the store.

It is apparent Cole and Marla enjoy what they are doing and in Cole’s words he says it all; “we have the most wonderful customers you can imagine.”

Contact Information: (928)739-1212

Cole’s Livery 1800 Old Hwy 160, Clay Springs, AZ 85923

Cole and Marla Davis, Proprietors

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