Navajo County hopes to restore an historic school in Pinedale with the help of the state’s Historic Preservation grant program.

The Board of Supervisors last month approved a grant application for the $350,984 effort to restore the Pinedale Elementary School, already a nationally registered historic building.

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Horse Rider

Pinedale is west of Show Low on 260, not east.


I went to school there for 5th and 6th grade. Only had 2 classrooms. Pretty strange to have a school that I went to turned into a historical building...makes me feel old haha.


So glad to see of this effort! Pinedale is so tiny that we tend to take it for granted, but it is definitely a part of our area's history. Good work, people!



Indeed , A Great and Historical anchor within this Mountain Heritage!

Worthy for sure of All efforts to maintain its Enduring presence.

Unfortunately the articles author was lacks on due diligence of historical facts.

(i.e. Niels Petersen, a Great Grandfather of mine, did Not "establish a church...").

In actually Petersen and his in-laws the Mortensens who where Pioneers and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints did in-fact 'Homestead - on the 2nd of February 1879 - that area just North of Danish Hallow confluence and on the west side of Mortensen Wash' very near the later built Old School House in Pinedale.

Pioneering residents thru out the White Mountains did utilize timber in surrounding areas... though to imply they were only after "Old Growth" and diminished any population of such now is a misnomer. ( consider even the significant catastrophic fires in the area since that time).

After the Mortensens left for the Salt River Valley in 1886 a stranger approached Niels Petersen telling him they had the power to wipe out those that interfere with their business and mandated that Niels allow them to run "their stock" there to "share in the Profits" but Niels Firmly told them "he wanted nothing to do with their plans".

In the fall of 1888 while riding thru Water Canyon, Niels without provocation was beaten across his back senselessly by the same stranger with the iron end of a loaded Quirt yet Niels Never fell or gave in to the stranger who finally left tired out.

It was John Payne of the AZTEC Cattle Company / Hashknife Gang that Commodore Perry Owens, Sheriff of Apache County had arrested for that and many

other threating abuses to area settlers. While on their way to a Grand Jury in St Johns, Payne confessed to the Sherriff that "Petersen was the Only man in this country that he was afraid of .. I never saw Anyone take punishment like he did ... he took it with out a Flinch".

In regards to referencing "Relocate to Mexico.." this was inaccurate and misinformation as well as non-relative to the Pinedale Heritage. None of Niels PetersEn's family at that time left for Mexico and again the Mortensens left for the Salt River Valley in 1886 settling around Lehi, Az.

-ref. The Petersen Family of Gannebro House, 2001 edition-[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

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