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Proudly showing off their new Tesla charging station at the Heritage Inn Bed & Breakfast in Snowflake, owner Craig Guderian calls it "Tesla juice." At the request of a regular guest in July, owners Craig and Joanne Guderian contacted Tesla, filled out the application and waited for an evaluation as to the appropriateness of their location. Once approved, the Tesla installation took only a day to install. The cost of the installation was labor only and the guest who requested it — a Tesla owner — paid for it. 

SNOWFLAKE – Not everyone owns a Tesla electric car, but for those that do, a charging station is essential. 

Added to the growing list of charging stations is the Heritage Inn Bed & Breakfast on Main Street in Snowflake.

Pioneer Days in Snowflake, the next to the last weekend in July, is one of the busiest times of the year for the Snowfake-Taylor area. One family who has been visiting the Heritage Inn B&B for the last three years for this celebration owns a Tesla. Though they have never brought the car to town, they asked B&B owners Craig and Joanne Guderian if they would consider putting in a charging station at their Inn. The man of the family said he would be happy to pay for installation charges.

The Guderians contacted Tesla and filled out the application to be considered as an official charging station. After evaluating their location, Tesla approved the application and set up a time for installation.

“It took about a day,” said Craig Guderian. “It uses a normal power box. The person just swipes their card, after we turn on the breaker, which is behind a locked door, and they charge the car.”

It looks somewhat like a small vacuum cleaner charger hanging up, but it is outside. Pointing to its locale, Guderian said, “It is Tesla juice.”

In minutes, instead of hours, these Tesla supercharging stations give the electric cars their “Tesla juice.” The charging stations are strategically placed to minimize an owner’s number of stops during long-distance travel. The car owners look at the Tesla map and find a charging location, go there, plug in for approximately 30 minutes, the equivalent of about 170 miles, and have enough power to get to the next charging station location. 

All stations are placed at or near restaurants, hotels and shopping centers, as well as WiFi hotspots, and contain multiple chargers. These chargers are free connectors for the Tesla Models S and X. Tesla has approximately 800 stations with about 4,900 superchargers in their network.

Convenient to the White Mountains, there is a charging station with four chargers at the Burger King on Navajo Boulevard in Holbrook, and at the Marriott Courtyard on South Beulah in Flagstaff. Both of these locations are available 24/7. Buckeye, Casa Grande, Gila Bend, Kingman, Mayer, Page, Quartzsite, Scottsdale, Tempe, Wickenburg and Yuma are also listed as charging stations on the Tesla charging and service station map. There may be more recent station additions, like Snowflake, that have not yet been added to the map.

Tesla Motors is an American automaker, technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation. It is based in Palo Alto, California. 

It was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars. Their first model was a Tesla Roadster which was unveiled in 2008, followed in 2012 by their Model S, then the Model X, and in 2016 the Model 3, which is set for release in 2017. 

Today, Tesla has facilities based in Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe. As of the third quarter of 2016, they have sold more than 164,000 electric cars worldwide. They company also produces battery charging equipment.

Craig Guderian said Heritage Inn B&B is proud to have a Tesla charging station, so much so they are offering one night’s lodging free of charge to the first person to charge a Tesla at their supercharging station in Snowflake.

Heritage Inn Bed & Breakfast is located at 161 N. Main St. in Snowflake.


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