NAVAJO COUNTY — Due to the nature of the COVID-19 crisis, the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County have stepped up patrols in all areas county-wide. So far, the SAV's have scheduled out the next 3 months for 7-day-a-week single officer patrols from dawn to dusk; keeping a presence in the community.

The uncertainty of this crisis could bring elements into our neighborhoods such as: crime, trespass, burglary, squatting or theft. In order to combat that possibility, the Sheriff's Auxiliary has dedicated patrol units in all areas of the county with an emphasis on routes with rural areas, vacation/second homes and businesses.

A single SAV officer patrols but does not interact with the public under the social distancing rule. All safety & personal protective gear are allocated to officers, keeping in compliance with NCSO COVID-19 directives. "You will be a presence in the community and our eyes and ears for Navajo County Sheriff's Office," said Sheriff’s Auxiliary President Jeff Hanna. SAV's report any unusual or harmful conditions to dispatchers, or calls the area deputy.

Patrol areas include but no limited to Heber, Overgaard, Linden, Clay Springs, Show Low, Lakeside-Pinetop, Vernon, White Mountain Lake, Taylor, Snowflake, Holbrook, Winslow and Joseph City. Areas with businesses, parking lots and business parks are also patrolled.

All of this is above and beyond the regular house watch or business watch service routes. House and business watches are still taking place daily. Those who do not currently receive services from us can apply 24/7 on the website.

Applications for house/business watches can be obtained by going to For faster service, applications can be emailed directly to the SAV’s at If you care to make a donation for our services, you can mail a check and a copy of the application to: Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County Executive Offices, PO Box 2590, Snowflake, AZ 85937. Your donation receipt will be mailed back.

The Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County is a 501c3 organization that operates entirely on donations. The SAV’s are not subsidized by NCSO. It is not required to donate for services but it is certainly appreciated. Funds go to help our Public Learning Programs for school-aged students and senior citizens.

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