Lakeside man arrested for dangerous drugs

Here are the latest recent felony arrests by the Show Low Police Department. This feature represents law enforcement contact with suspects who were arrested, and the recommended charges against them. This is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the felony arrests made in a given time period. This does not contain information for juvenile offenders. All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Navajo County Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Show Low Police Department. July 6 — Show Low Police arrested Cody Sevecbockus, 22, of Show Low, charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs, felony taking of another person’s identity, felony possession of dangerous drug paraphernalia and on felony warrants out of Navajo and Apache Counties for a probation violation and failure to appear. The warrant out of Apache County for a probation violation was no-bond while the one out of Navajo County for failure to appear came with a $1,500 bond. Police said Sevecbockus was stopped on U.S. 60 near Clark Road (State Route 260) at which time officers allegedly found dangerous drugs and dangerous drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. July 6 — Show Low Police arrested Michael D. Nicotine, 37, of Sanders, charged with felony aggravated DUI, DUI to the slightest degree, DUI with a BrAC at or greater than the legal state limit of 0.08, extreme DUI (BrAC greater than 0.15) and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. Police said Nicotine allegedly admitted drinking before driving. Police said they allegedly found an open can of hard lemonade in his vehicle and that he had an average BrAC of 0.189 at the time of arrest. July 7 — Show Low Police arrested Levi B. Loyd, 44, of Lakeside, charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs (meth) and felony possession of dangerous drug paraphernalia. Police said that after getting a report of a suspicious person near Home Depot, officers who responded allegedly witnessed Loyd smoking meth from a glass pipe. When approached by officers, Loyd reportedly tried to hide the glass pipe in some tall grass where it was reportedly found with a usable amount of meth still in the bowl. July 9 — Show Low Police arrested Barry L. Lowe, 68, of Pinetop, charged with felony aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly rear-ended another vehicle in a parking lot and left. July 11 — Show Low Police arrested Terry L. Cunningham, 45, of Lakeside, charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs (meth) and felony possession of dangerous drug paraphernalia. Police said Cunningham was stopped for a minor traffic violation while driving a motorcycle at which time officers reportedly asked him to empty his pockets from which he allegedly produced two syringes loaded with liquid meth. Cunningham is currently on probation for dangerous drugs. — Photos from Show Low Police Department

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