Daniel Brubaker, a 25-year-old Snowflake man, allegedly tried to crawl into bed with a woman he did not know and was arrested.

SHOW LOW — Police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to crawl into bed with a woman he did not know.

Police said that 25-year-old Daniel Brubaker, a Snowflake resident, went to the residence of a woman in the 200 west block of Cooley Street in Show Low around 11 p.m. on July 8. He entered the victim’s home without her permission or knowledge, and tried to crawl into her bed with her as she slept.

Police said the woman’s two young children were also home and asleep at the time.

The victim reacted immediately, reportedly she ultimately dragged Brubaker out of her home and into the street.

Police said the victim locked her door to keep Brubaker from coming back in, But he began banging loudly on the door demanding to be let back inside.

Police were called and arrested Brubaker on charges of disorderly conduct and felony criminal trespassing.

After Brubaker was arrested, both the victim and her children reportedly told police that they were frightened by the incident and felt their lives could have been in danger.

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Mike Leiby covers police, courts, and the towns of Snowflake and Taylor.

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show low mom

She should have beaten him to a pulp while she was at it. You go girl! Hopefully she had other means of self defense in her home if she were to need it. This idiot is worse than creepy.


Trump and the republican party set the standard. If Trump can attack women, and the republican party still endorses him, other sexual predators will feel empowered.

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